Prohibited children's toys

While Rospotrebnadzor worried about the quality and safety of children's toys that are sold in Russia, I want to show you is really dangerous toys which were issued earlier. Under the cut you are waiting for sets of children's nuclear laboratories, pneumatic pistols and even a toy that can create drugs.

The U-238 Atomic Energy Lab
The topic of nuclear energy in the middle of the XX century is booming. This did not fail to take advantage of the founder of AC Gilbert Companu Alfred Gilbert. In 1951, he has launched this portable nuclear laboratory for children.
This particular set of young physicist included a Geiger counter, and spinthariscope electroscope. There were even three kinds of sources of radiation, a brief guide to nuclear physics and a set of balls for the construction of molecular models. By creating a set of hand in the general himself Leslie Groves, who headed a group of nuclear physicists have created the first atomic bomb.

Most amazing and today was wildly apparent presence in the children's set of uranium-238. While it was not known that the isotope can lead to many diseases, including cancer.
Fortunately, U-238 Atomic Energy Lab to its prohibition stayed in the market all year. In 1951, it cost $ 50, today the price for this "toy" among collectors comes to $ 8,000.

Cabbage Patch
Terrible toy released in 1996, Martell. It was called the Cabbage Patch. "Chip" This doll was that her child could feed the plastic snacks that Cabbage Patch literally chewed.
The problem became apparent after only a few weeks after the start of sales. His jaws working on batteries, the doll not only chewed plastic snacks, but also trapped in her mouth baby fingers and hair. While the toy is not banned, the "Chucky" had hurt more than three dozen fingers.

Set glassblower
Manufacturers of toys in the 50s "burned" in the literal and figurative sense. A.C. Gilbert Companu that produced children's nuclear laboratory, at the same time launched a set of no less extravagant. It was called "Set the young glassblower».
It consists of a gas burner, which heats up to a temperature of 540 degrees Celsius, and all the necessary tools. Attached to the kit as instructions describing craft.
There was a set of only two things: common sense and even a hint of personal protective equipment. Needless to say that the set, to the delight of parents, children, and the fire did not stay in the sale.

Austin Magic Pistol
Carbide for the Russian people - a well-known thing. Many childhood fun that dragged him from building sites, and after experimenting by mixing fragrant powder with water. Children pistol appeared on the US market in the late 40s, it worked on carbide.
The kit Austin Magic Pistol entered carbide balls and shooting. The principle of operation was simple: the chemical was poured into the rear compartment of the gun, and then there was added a few drops of water (or simply to spit). A chemical reaction occurs and evolved gas shoots the ball out of the barrel "magic gun" at such a rate that the statistics of child injury immediately soared. After several accidents gun confiscated and banned from sale.

Creepy crawlers
The game "Horrible insects» (Creepy crawlers), introduced in 1964, offers children a set of forms and materials, to cast yourself all sorts of horror stories. The only pity is proven to be very toxic materials, and casting process was accompanied by numerous burns and even a few large fires.

Darts - the world-famous game, enjoys an excellent reputation, but not everyone knows that in addition to the dart in the 70-80-ies of XX century was widespread in the "weighted" version of the game - Dzharts.
According to its rules of darts tossed in the ring, located on the ground. Projectiles at the same time were much larger than the darts in a length of about 30 cm. In theory, the children were allowed to play dzharts only in the presence of adults, but experience has shown the failure of the rules.

Every year, the hospital received more than 700 children with injuries. Many children come to the "emergency" with the darts in their heads. Literally. Only in 1988 the public decided: "Enough to endure it", and the game was banned.

Battlestar Galactica Missile Launcher
Promotional toys manufactured to the output of films and TV series, the usual thing. The popularity of "Battlestar" Galactica "gave a start output in 1978 of toys based on the series. The manufacturer has already become known to us the company Martell. One of the toys was air pistol, she fired plastic projectiles.
For the short time until the toy is not banned, it has caused dozens of accidents - from scratches and knocked out teeth and eyes to one death. The projectile hit the boy's windpipe. His parents have condemned the company Martell $ 14 million.

Aqua Dots
In 2007, the Canadian company Spin released a children's toy creative Aqua Dots. The idea of ​​its creators, the children have to play small ball in the set. From wet balls stick to each other, because they can be multi-colored figures.
The idea is good, but its creation has not been taken into account child psychology, formulated in the series "House": "A boy playing in the sandbox - boy eating sand." Children, of course, there are steel balls, which were actually poisoned.
It turned out that they were covered with a toxic substance when it enters the stomach turns into a prohibited drug called GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate). Some of the children even fall into a coma. Aqua Dots was banned. The whole party was recalled toys.

Celestial Dancer
In 1994, in the shops there was a remarkable winged fairy Sky Dancer, the company offers Galoob Toys. It looks ordinary toy for girls. Dance Air beauties, as usual, provided the electric motor.
That's just the designers have gone too far with his power. As a result, a reliable machine capable of long withstand heavy loads, mercilessly beat out his teeth and caused deep cuts to those who are in the "kill zone" Fine fuete fairies.

Guns are not toys for children - even if it's just a belt buckle. Manufacturers buckle «Bat Masterson Derringer Belt Gun» so seriously inspired by the famous accessory from the movie "From Dusk Till Dawn" that the resulting product was the cause of many serious burns careless owners.

Another cannon. At this time the gun glorious Rebel Johnny (Johnny Reb Sannon), with reckless courage to fight against the Yankees in the Confederate ranks of the doomed. The gun is fully absorbed indomitable spirit rebels Southerners, after whom it was named, and even with the help of tiny plastic cores bravely Cruz "damn Yankees" teeth and knocked her eyes.

Finally, a wonderful children's bike. It has all the virtues and, of course, all the disadvantages of the motorcycle. Considering the fact that motorcycling is one of the most traumatic, you understand the logic of manufacturers to offer, and parents who have bought a toy, it is very difficult.
Children of this age simply can not physically have the necessary muscular strength, speed, reaction and coordination of movements, to deal with the management of this machine. That's why they are offered, and bicycles, rocking horses and scooters - so that they can quickly develop the necessary skills. But to some of these simple truths income only when the favorite child, for whom nothing is a pity, it would be in a hospital bed with a serious motorcycle injury.



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