Who is not happy, the enemy of the people

The mood in Russia after the annexation of the Crimea said in an article for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Belarusian writer Svetlana Aleksievich.
vdv «I lost many Russian friends - she writes. - Hate to see this enthusiasm when it comes to the "accession" or "annexation" or that the Ukrainians "soon there will be nothing there, and then they will beg the merger" ... None of the restaurant no longer get Crimean champagne - all drank when celebrated the victory. Constantly heard talk about the fact that we, the Russian people, without a sense of God's chosen people, without imperial sentiments would not we. Before the Russian military commissariats crowd volunteers who want to show "Banderovites".

"I was flabbergasted Gorbachev - recognized Aleksievich. - Even he succumbed to the nationalist wave and said that Crimea has long been time to return. Say, restored historical justice ... That he no longer talks about the European way of partnership with Europe on common values ​​& quot ;.

Normal Russia keeps mum. Just try to say something - donesut, and even in jail ... More upekut all hate liberals today. Because of them were dashing the nineties, due to their lost empire. People need to confiscate apartments liberals and their own plant and shoot. God's chosen people! & Quot;

"Who is not happy, the enemy of the people. Part of the fifth column, one of the State Department's henchmen. Stalinist vocabulary completely restored: a traitor, traitor, accomplice of the Nazis. With one difference: the Stalinists now Orthodox, - the article says. - Russia has been unable to accept Western values ​​and Western Christianity. In churches preach: "We are again driven into an alien model of development, due to which we will lose their spirituality." I asked a friend of the priest, what is it, this is our spirituality. "Send all homosexuals in one city and shot!" - Was the answer ... We say, now strong and can protect our people at least in the Baltic States, although in Tajikistan ... Orthodox newspaper earnestly Putin called saints. It turns out that in a past life he was Prince Vladimir and christened Russia. Rumor has it that in some churches icon Putin zamirotochila. Holy! Miracle worker! He lives like a monk. He engaged with Russia ».

"Already there are calls to abandon the American goods. In Ufa, in response to sanctions burned an effigy of Obama. I talked to dozens of people, sanctions and the "iron curtain" nobody is afraid. They remember that in Soviet times, too, lived in isolation. So what? But life made sense: to help the brothers is more important than having a sausage in the fridge ... will soon begin to ask why you go on vacation to Egypt or Turkey, but not in Sochi. Why do you listen to music foreign, not Russian? »

"There is a feeling that the country is at war - continues the writer. - All wish each other new victories: "And what is there to Alaska?" Scary include TV. The TV threaten to turn America into a nuclear dust, discussed the occupation of the whole of Europe ... According to the laws of war is cleaning media. Any alternative sources of information, allowing for other points of view, are destroyed. Any word of truth is equivalent to calling for the overthrow of power, unwanted Internet sites are blocked ».

"Where is Russia? Reforms we prefer war. Thirst for return of lost land can be a maddening millions of people. And besides, intelligent people, who yesterday dreamed of Europeanized Russia. Today, they swear in unison: "For the Crimea we forgive Putin!" ... We do not back the Crimea, and the Soviet Union ... Fifteen years worked on this Putin. Day after day, television revived Soviet ideas. And we thought they were dead ».

"The world will never be the same again - convinced Aleksievich. - Putin blew up the world order, built after World War II. Will West Russia or reject such? [If you reject] to remain alone with their pipelines ... Actually, where violence is once again becoming an ideal exists and its Karadzic, who will convince people that you can do good in using the machine ».


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