The world's first atomic clock wrist left on Kickstarter

Last year Habré appeared news about the world's first atomic wrist watches from the company Bathys Hawaii. This company has developed a draft of said gadget, and introduced in 2013, several working prototypes. Now watch gained final shape and design. In order to collect the required amount of hours for the production, the developers put the project on Kickstarter.

The amount required is not very big, about 40 thousand dollars, and just a week project already scored 60 thousand US dollars. So watch really soon go into production.

worth noting now the device is available "only" 6 thousand dollars. By the way, 10 people have already made a contribution on Kickstarter exactly the same amount. But after already mass product (if this can be a massive), the price will be 12 hours of thousands of dollars.

The watch is actually used atomic Cesium 133 source, which is in the form of a gas in a special capsule. As the main component of the electronic chip used SA.45s from Symmetricom. It is inside of the chip and is a capsule with cesium-133.

Inter alia used photocells and a low power laser. The laser heats the gaseous cesium atoms which move from one energy level to another. Electronic components precisely captures periods of electromagnetic radiation in the implementation of such a transition.

Note that as the power source used conventional lithium-ion battery. Unfortunately, the developers have not said what is the duration of the hours of battery life. But these watches, as befits the atomic clock, very precise. For a thousand years, they can prevent the error in one second.

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