Saboteurs, agents, and other hereditary president

Saboteurs and agents of the Russian Federation has filled the temporary detention centers across the country.

This was announced by Acting Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of Ukraine Andriy Senchenko.

In Ukraine was deployed huge intelligence network, which started recruited four years ago. One reason for such serious consequences and problems with control of the situation in the eastern regions of Ukraine Senchenko calls surrender Intelligence and Security Service of Ukraine. This was the press of Ukraine.

"Today remand, sorry, already scored an agency that four years ago under false documents under false names implemented in Ukraine, while Ukraine has not conducted any acts of terrorism or intelligence operations on the territory of Russia", - he said. < br />
Well, while the Russians were concerned about the problems of Ukraine, they also break:

In the State Duma introduced a bill that would repeal the direct election of mayors of large cities, the press service of the lower chamber. The authors of the initiative became a member of the "United Russia" and the Liberal Democratic Party.

If the bill is approved, direct elections canceled in 67 Russian cities divided into districts.

What is the reason, by the way? Putin has found that "the hands narodishko achieved and can not trust him." Federalization such federalization :)
Again and Sevastopol improper procedure, and then choose some Chaly.

Now it's time to cancel the presidential election. Previous President must appoint the next.

In the end, all lead to the fact that under the guise of Russian and raspishut yard fortified by Abramovich Vekselberg, Gref, Usmanov, Rottenberg and other. Well, the guard on the left tower drive, and a thorn on the perimeter oplesti.

Your Crimea, yeah.
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