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Journal Babchenko

My name is Arkady Abramovich Babchenko. I'm thirty-seven years, higher education, is married and has a daughter.
When I was nineteen, Homeland shod me kirzachi, put into the hands of the machine, put on armor, and said, "Go." And I went. "Restoration of the constitutional order" - that this war was called then.
When I was twenty-two, I came to the draft board and had himself voluntarily enlisted in the army and went to war for the second time. "Kontrterroristichesaya operation" - as it was called in the ninety-nine. "At the same time within one hundred two days he took a direct part in hostilities" - as recorded in my voennik.
During these two wars Motherland has written me a free ride, and two thousand rubles in the form of monetized benefits. Thank you and this.
My cousin, Sergei Babchenko died in Tajikistan. On the border. After demobilization. They were driven to replace the young. And immediately - out the raid. He volunteered to go instead of the young. Ran into a gang smuggle heroin. He was a machine gunner. He was killed by a shot to the head. The only one in that fight. Sniper. Now his name is engraved on the monument to fallen soldiers in Bashkortostan, where he came from.
My father, Arkady Babchenko Lavrent'evich, ships launched into space. He was a design engineer, worked for the "box" - CKB TM. Central Design Bureau of Heavy Machinery. Made cable mast for missiles. His last work was a cable-mast for the "Buran". The mission's father disappeared for six months. Baikonur was living in a hostel. In Moscow - kopeck piece in the entrance with his wife, son, mother, father, brother and his family. This kopeck piece - the only inheritance. More than anything we had. No cars, no garage, no problem.
In the nineties, when the "Buran" flew into space once, and then everything fell apart, my father did not go to any trade or steal. I was not adapted to this brand. He was born to run the ship into space. And until his death drew her become worthless cable-mast. The almost total poverty.
He died of a stroke. In the ninety-sixth. I was then at war. We did not even say goodbye.

My grandfather, Lawrence P. Babchenko wide Zaporizhzhya Cossack, was a tanker. He fought in the Khalkhin-. Thrice wounded. Once hard. These contusions and his overpowering - he died in the eighties when I was three years old.
His wife, Elena Kuptsov (her first husband, her real last name I do not know, because her grandmother carefully concealed - a Jew, yes), the war was on duty on the roof and extinguished fire bombs. When the opportunity came - anywhere from Russia did not leave. She worked all his life, until his death. In the boiler room. In our house, in the basement. Day-three.
She died two months after his son. Then I was still at war. As it was buried, I do not even know.
My great-grandmother by the name Bakhtiyarova (partially Tatar, yeah) arrived in Moscow in the thirties. With two children lived in the back of the school. Then all my life and it also worked.
Her daughter, my grandmother, the war with fourteen did iodoform - iodine crystals, cauterize severed limbs. And then the line went trudfronta unload wagons with coal. Or cut timber.
Her brother, my great-grandfather, in the first months of the war in fifteen years, fled to the front and back only fifty - from the Far East.
Her granddaughter, my mother drove me to Chechnya. I saw with my own eyes. Then he adopted six children.
The first child, which appeared in our family has been receiving. The second - too. And just its third daughter was born.
Now mom foster home. All the children - from Lipetsk. From disadvantaged families. Alcoholism, yes.
My wife's grandfather, Peter Gorkanov, purebred Mordvinian, in World fought in himvoyskah, where he lost his sight. Until his death he lived in the village. In the house with wood heating. Gas it, veterans, during his lifetime and has not held.
My father in law, Ensign, purebred Mordvinian served in Germany. When everything collapsed, along with their two children and his wife bummed barracks and dormitory.
During these nineteen years of age his life - and even earlier, with ninety-three - all the shit I went through with his country. I was always where my country was bad. At the White House, then at the White House. In Chechnya, then in Chechnya. In South Ossetia - so, in South Ossetia. Krymsk - means Krymsk. In Blagoveshchensk - so in Blagoveshchensk.
All this time I, my family, my ancestors and my family, for my country was quite a Russian.
When it was necessary to burn on Khalkhin- for starvation wages pull space, starving in basements, do iodoform for the front, bomzhevat children to their barracks, to die in Tajikistan, feed lice in Chechnya, to adopt abandoned children - we were Russian.
In Chechnya, no one has ever suggested that I put the machine to fall down in its Hohlyandii burst and there along the seam. When it is necessary for the Russian motherland die, Russian homeland do not care - you are Jewish or not.
There Motherland knows only one nationality - cannon fodder.
Fell into Hohlyandii started offering me after the war.
Those who never for a war were not, of course.
Such amount of shit to yourself and your loved ones as in the past few months, I have never heard in my life.
On "zhidobanderovskom fascist" Independence no one has ever had anywhere, under any circumstances, do not ask me about my nationality. "Right quadrant," shoulder to shoulder, had fought on the barricades with Russian, Jews, Crimean Tatars, Armenians - did not care. Just spit. They're not talking about that.
At home ...
The man for the enthronement of which has been started the Second Chechen and himself for his homeland never never fought happily escaped and Afghanistan, and then have seized upon the authorities, sending instead of themselves and their children started already by himself Georgia and the Crimea all the same boys, conscripts, tells me from the podium that went to his war as a volunteer, I - a traitor, an agent of the enemy, and second grade.
Now I became Jewish homeland, crest, Bandera, a fifth column and a national traitor.
Marvelous are thy works, O Lord.
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