The woman survived the fight with a bear

A year ago on a ranch Alena Hansen wandered into a huge black bear. One paw with the woman he took the scalp, then distracted by the barking of dogs nearby. Alena enough minutes to run to the car and get to the very nearest firehouse. Luckily she survived. As it looks today? Look further!

Stock a few months before the attack.

The victim was transported to a medical helicopter to University of California, Los Angeles.

Photo two days after a seven-hour operation, which was conducted by a team of nearly a hundred people, led by Dr. Kimberly Lee Medical Sciences.

And here's a woman now.

A year of rehabilitation Alain Hansen managed to write a book \ "How to survive a bear attack \" and now gives her all comers.
In it, among other things, he talks about the peculiarities of their \ "health insurance \". In particular, she had thought that for 20 years of insurance payments is entitled to assume that insurance will cover all the necessary expenses. But no: ophthalmologist, cosmetologist, dental insurance does not cover, and that the lion's share fallen at her expense. In general, it was the insurance useless piece of paper.


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