Russian models starring in the photoshoot with the bear, blew the English-language Internet

Within antibiotica campaign photographer Olga Barents had a photo shoot with the bear and the two models. The photoshoot itself was held on 7th March, but now photography has gained unexpected fame, and to a greater extent in the West.

Pictures of Olga published by Business Insider, Daily Mail, The Sun. The photo and Lydia Maria Sidorova Fetisov posing with a large brown bear named Stepan. The bear was shot by hunters, but was saved. Now Stepan in films, for example, he has already played in the "Christmas Trees 1914" and some other films.


Girls climb on the bear and hug him, and Stepan there is no muzzle. In fact, to repeat like any other bear except Stepan (and with Stepan too), not worth it. Bear is a very strong animal, so to kill a man he could easily and quickly without putting in much effort.

Olga Barents said that the foreign media sense photo shoot distorted. This is not an advertising campaign that whatsoever, the main goal of the shoot — the protection of animals, not Commerce. "Actually, a lot of similar shots with different animals from different photographers, unexpectedly, exactly what we noticed. I had been shooting with Stepan in the fall, I wanted snow in the frame, even in summer, are now planning with him too shot to spend," the photographer said.


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