And attempts to fight, what is the difference

In one community giving birth as the ladies discussing something different from what the fight attempts. Look for the "new images" and "accurate description of the sensations during labor».

... The brightest strike one - it's eruption of the head, as if you sticking cannonball

... I have such a direct association emerged in labor: Contractions = earache. = Push to try to budge the truck.

... The general feeling after birth - if slept with the football team) Feeling gaping hole inside) and of bleeding, yeah.

... Contractions - it just starts off as menstruation. ... And then covers his head, as if the inside and turns.

... Fight - it's as if your internal organs are trying to tear.

... And wound on a fork. )

... The birth of the head - a strange crackling))) after childbirth internal organs failed down, especially for stomach was terrible)))))) terrible sense of an empty stomach and neshevelyaschegosya.

... And strange light-free, especially when you first get up out of bed. In literally breathtaking.

... Bear full head-PPV, the feeling that now everything will break on the British flag)))

... Especially not hurt, but the consciousness of everything around turned off, yes. I do not remember how the baby was born.

... It's like a door finger got caught (and clamps tightly and slowly but do not remove the hand - breathe, breathe)))

... My fight is when a blunt knife cut inside from the periodicity of a few minutes, and generally any pain, compared with contractions is garbage.

... The contractions - is when inside you "twisting underwear", and then another, and shaken on a rope to dry hanging)) Attempts - is when a girl 50 size clothes tries to pull the turtleneck size 40) Imagine that turtlenecks have nervous system))

... The contractions - like tear off the skin of profit from the direction of the abdomen to the pubis, attempts - if the time to start straining, it's hard, but do not hurt if you do not have time to start on time makes an effort, how a fight, but much harder and a feeling that inside you log is rushing for the exit.

... Bout - reinforced at times the pain during menstruation, plus someone pulls on both sides of the appendages attempts - an attempt to push from itself cannonball ... and it is unclear where it exactly get through, well, out of the hole)) because the back I was holding hands) )))))

... And I did not have any pain, "as in the month." there was a feeling that the waist slashed by an ax, and then spreads the pain around. attempts - as if today insides turned inside out.

... 1.3 14zdets 2.3 14zdets-3 14zdets. pardon the offensive. I find no other word can still

... Contractions-back pain, at the peak - some complete otsepenine. Attempts - honestly, I do not remember) The general feeling after birth - as if held the first world (I know of the Association, but the idea was very clear: "I am now a veteran of the First World War»))

... Contractions - quiet twisting the lower part of the body ..) A quiet, because I could not utter a word, just breathe ..)) Attempts - crushing femurs, although ZHPA have fairly broad ..) It was painful. Teething head - a worthy final attempts. Not quiet. This pipets ..)) But such a happy ..)))

... Fight - when pulling as menstruation. attempts - from your watermelon at a rate of climb of the cruiser, and you can not help.

... Contractions - discomfort, it is necessary to stand to wait. When the battle + lowering of the head - as if crushed and ground into powder sacrum. The fight screaming, forgot about all dyhalkistoyaniyahozhdeniya, etc., and there was nobody to tell) And when Babe stomach and she slapped me wetting - as if there were no births at all! Only tears and joy.


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