The girl woke caught fire while charging your smartphone

civil servant woke up at 5 am by strange sounds and smell of burning. The culprit turned out to wake her smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4, caught fire during charging. According to 25-year-old Hewitt Holly (Holly Hewett) from the British city of Kemsley, she woke up at 4:30 am, when her boyfriend was about to leave for work, and drew attention to the dead battery with your smartphone Samsung Galaxy S4.

"I picked up the phone to check the time, and I noticed that the battery is running out, - says the girl. - Then I put it on charge and went to bed. Around 5 in the morning I woke up and looked at his watch and again fell asleep, and 10 minutes later I was awakened by a strange hissing sound. The room was dark, so I did not immediately identify its source, but could smell smoke. " When Holly turned on the light, then quickly determine the cause of the smell of burning - on the carpet smoldering rechargeable smart phone. Panicked Briton grabbed the gadget and ran into the bathroom and threw it in the sink.



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