"The black color, but not black heart" - the project of photographer Fred Levy

Fred Levy of Maynard, Minnesota, USA, a great lover of dogs. Most recently, he has created an amazing warmth of the project to protect the dogs of black color. His idea - call for help dogs find a black suit for their owners.

I know black dogs like less see them almost causing harm. But they are the same as everyone else. Look how friendly and how to expect love and affection!

In 1999, Fred graduated from the School of Fine Arts and took up art photography. The first pictures of his dog Toby gave him to understand what his true vocation.

Now I, as the father of two sons, I try to instill to them and other people to love animals. I would like my work to become the key to the hearts of many people.

I photograph not only dogs from shelters, but also dogs that are over-exposed to, and obviously lost. Maybe my project will help someone find your pet when all hope is lost. Or find a new friend.

Photos posted on the doggies Fred and tumbler on his page on Facebook.


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