Blue Mountains Australia

Blue Mountains Australia is one of the most beautiful national parks in the world. They got their name because of the blue-gray haze that envelops the top, when viewed from afar. In this photo essay, we will go to these great attractions and as a bonus look at the evening Sydney. Despite the small height (highest point - a little more than a kilometer) Blue Mountains for a long time remained inaccessible: none of the six expeditions failed to overcome the steep walls. At the beginning of the 19th century prolonged drought pressed colonists on their homes and the British team has found the same route, deciding to go through the valleys (like all previous expeditions), and on the tops of mountains. Now they "track" car passes highway Great Western.
As in New Zealand, especially in Australia do not bother with names. There is a theory that the phenomenon of blue haze caused by the evaporation of eucalyptus, which (just think) make up 70 percent of all the vegetation on the mainland. But I think it is a tourist gimmick. The same effect can be seen in any other mountains and glaciers even where eucalyptus difficult to vaporize because of complete lack thereof.

Blue Mountains Plateau:

Dangerous height:

At the edge of the stone there is some excitement:

Nevertheless, many brave souls sit, legs dangling:

And I, to make a frame, lay down on the edge:

By the waterfall is a pathway of 200 steps. Down anything yet, but the climb back difficult:


Because of the position of the sun stream was in the shade:

While all slowly trudged to the bus, I ran yet another mountain:

The main town of the Blue Mountains is a small town called Katoomba. There are two cable cars and one iron:

The most famous attraction in the Blue Mountains - Three Sisters - three rocky peak above the Jamison Valley. According to the legend of the three sisters hunted mountain monster and kind shaman decided to save them, turning the clock in the rock. When the monster pursued the shaman, he turned into a bird and flew away. However, the road has lost the magic bone, and to this day can not pay himself or the girls back. Here's a epic Fail:

The shaman turned here into a bird:

The railway, which now performs sightseeing and entertainment function was formerly part of the coal production:

Trailers are carried under severe angle, I held the camera bag and hands, so they do not come off on your head vperedisidyaschim:

We trailers - panoramic roof:

Downstairs there are plenty of trails for walking:

Installation of the hard life of the colonists:

The right and left of the trails impassable thicket. You can understand how difficult it was the first expedition to find the way here:

Another attraction - a mountain with a through hole. Previously, it was possible to walk, but now because of the danger of collapse passage closed:

Finally we were shown an ancient drawing: kangaroo pierced with a spear. Modern scientists scratching their heads - who painted it and why (the natives in these parts did not live), but judging by the analysis of the fungus drawing more than 10 000 years:

Back in Sydney back in the water. Took a few shots of evening city:



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