Thimbles Donetsk revenge

On the night of Monday to Tuesday for talks with separatists seized the Donetsk regional administration came Rinat Akhmetov.

Witnessed this conversation live thousands of Ukrainians were due to live on Ustream.

After hearing the situation is a little clearer. So far, so we are waiting for the script "good and bad copĀ».

"Evil" - is the separatists who allegedly want to secede. A "good" - it Akhmetov, who is the mediator between separatists and Kiev. One, he promised that he would not assault, and at the same time the deputies put a human shield. So, in essence, an attempt will be blocked by security forces to conduct anti-terrorist operation.

A Kiev Donetsk roll out cart requirements - will be all that is said in the blog two weeks ago "Wishlist Akhmetov." There and Russian as a second state, taxes and leave in the area and a separate foreign policy, and the law on local referendum - to blackmail the Crimean scenario. Maybe even - the rejection of the Free Trade Area with the EU.

"Let me shall come to you and say, look at the power and talk" - now offers Akhmetov, referring to the separatists. Maybe he did not collect these people - but he certainly did not climb out of their way to stop the invaders, using all its influence in the region.

And then on the choice of candidates Akhmetov a Dobkin dial 0, 1% in the whole Ukraine, but in Donetsk, Luhansk and Kharkiv regions it will have 30%. And start conversations "We need to unite the country, not the time to start a witch hunt" and so on. That is - an invitation to a "broad coalition" with the full package Akhmetov economic requirements, starting with coal subsidies and ending tariffs for the transportation of iron ore.

So the country that paid the lives of 100 people for a chance to break out of the scoop and corruption, will be taken hostage yesterday beneficiaries Yanukovych regime.

Thimbles not like?

Sergei Leshchenko


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