Men's "scary story" of a school campaign

Have you ever been in the camp or go camping with your class? No doubt many of you will answer - Yes. Each campaign was accompanied by a different horror stories and legends around the fire, which did not allow for a long time to fall asleep. In this post author shared navydumannoy "terrible" story of his youth. Once we went camping with the class for a few nights camped in a forest clearing and set up tents, cooked dinner, after which, as usual, telling scary stories up until the rebound. It so happened that at that landmark night I stayed in a tent one and therefore hastened rather go to sleep, that was not so bad. He climbed into a sleeping bag, buttoned up to their eyes and lay listening to the sounds of the night. Then lightning in my tent unbuttoned and appeared on the verge of two girls, explaining that they had to sleep in a tent crowded and, they say, can you and I go to sleep. I, of course, allowed and now we lie in a tent three. The girls giggle quietly, talking among themselves, and I'm lying in a sleeping bag and, in the eyes shuttered. So it would lie, but one of the girls said she was cold and asked me to climb to get warm. And I did, it should be noted, was very green, not terribly hardened in such matters. Well climbed, clung to me and is something girlfriend says my hand pulled over, they say, put your arms around, but it is not warming and continue to lie. Then he says, it's hot, it is necessary to remove the tights, I got out, and shot back to me to cuddle. So, actually, in the end and fell asleep! Until now I afford it I just can not! And every time since the forest think, remember with horror.

And just a comment to this story:

Author, do not rush to conclusions about myself - I once got into a similar story, but we were not children - age of 25.

I had once written-off with old friend, with whom a child went to school. Not seen about 10 years, and knew that she lives close to me, I'm on the occasion and invited guests, they say, runs on tea, live nearby, we sit reminisce childhood. Well invited and asked how long the familiar, completely without any ulterior motive. And now, sitting drinking tea, communicate, communicate so long - I glance at the clock, it's after midnight - I understand that the relationship is clearly in no hurry home. I begin to hint afar, they say, to work tomorrow to get up, but oh, how do not want to sleep, they say, left for 5 hours. Sits. It should be noted that there were no hints of coquetry and other marks on her part of the evening, I noticed - normal conversation between two childhood friends. Well, I think, okay. Stela herself and her different beds. She asked in the shower, and I at least until the end and still did not understand her intentions, but taking advantage of her absence is still "a necessity" in any case put under the mattress.

It turns out, he immediately starts talking again in style: "Do you remember Romka? Vaska-Petka-Natasha. " Ie hints - well, nothing at all. And put to bed, turn off the lights - it rustled in the darkness, undresses, lies down in his bed, and with a playful tone deliberately said: "But I'm going to sleep without a top, do not look!" "Well," - said. And with the aim of eventually dot the e shoot joke: "And be afraid to sleep alone, come!" "And I have terrible!". And jumping - to me half-naked in bed, snuggled all giggles, leg thrown at me. Well, here is anyone's guess nothing. And once I start touching her hand as she suddenly jumps up and quite indignantly exclaims: "What are you doing ??!". Of course, I ofigel from such a reaction, and besides "Nuu ... uh ..." nothing to say but could not. He fell back again pressed. I am lying convulsively think - what am I doing wrong, and what to do next. I do not touch, keep quiet. I think. After just a couple of minutes I heard - snuffles. Quietly I ohrenevayu. In the morning as if nothing had happened, she woke up, thanked him for fun enjoyable evening of memories, and went home.

I've been following this case for a long time generally shied away from the girls. Completely refused to understand that they have going on in your head. That even to this day I can not understand what happened then and what kind of intent to move my girlfriend. So do not reproach yourself - perhaps your classmate in fact at first it was just terrible, then just cold, and then just hot. Sometimes guess what woman wants - it is impossible.

I propose to devote this post like spicy stories that still does not give you rest.



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