Younger brother Swiss Crocodile

Electric series Ce 6/8 aroused great interest among administration Austrian Federal Railways. They were just at the time when Austria resumed work on the electrification of several branches with difficult terrain - including paths going through the Brenner Pass. Yet put into practice the pre-war project was acquired documentation for "crocodile". In 1923-1924,. locomotive factory in Floridsdorf produced the first batch of Austrian "crocodiles" - seven electric locomotives 1100 Electrical apparatus for supplying them Viennese company Brown Boveri & Cie (by the way, one of the participants of the Swiss competition in 1919).

The first Austrian "Crocodile» (BBÖ 1100.01) was a serious run-in - after a successful run on the "flat" surpassed its routes to St. Gotthard road for comparative tests with Swiss relatives. And only then 1100.01 was commissioned.

Electric locomotives of the first series (1925). The picture was taken in 1942

In 1926-1927,. built nine "crocodiles" (series 1100.1). Outwardly, they differed from the Swiss "reptiles" Only the bonnet. After the annexation of Austria "crocodiles" in the Reichsbahn received new designations: E.89 and E.89.1.


During the war, two locomotive were destroyed. The rest in 1945 became the property of the revived Austrian Bundesbana with designations 1189 and 1189.1.



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