Pets - myths and reality

In it really a cat has nine lives? Is it true that guinea pigs eat their own offspring? 10 of the most common myths about animals - true or false, now know.

The dog wags his tail, because glad to see you.
This is not the only reason why the dog wags its tail. Sometimes they do it when frightened or presentiment that something was wrong. Wagging tail - a characteristic emotional reaction to the dog, which should be judged by the general behavior of the dog. If the dog bites you (and this is possible), it is unlikely she was glad to see you.

Guinea pigs eat their young.
This is possible, but very rare and unusual. Guinea pigs are vegetarians. If you so want unusual facts about guinea pigs - please: they eat their own feces.

Your cat hates your child and wants to kill him.
Now not so many people believe that cats deliberately kill babies, taking a breath (as in one famous movie), but if you happen to belong to the minority that thinks so, well, no, that's not true. It certainly does not mean that the cat can not accidentally cause the death of the child (it happens), so that the first couple of months of a cat's best to keep away from the children's room.

Rabbits need a lot of carrots.
Carrots contains too much sugar so that it can be eaten each day rabbits. Bugs Saunas have to answer a lot of questions.

Dogs see things in black and white.
Generally, dogs 'colored' vision, but not very good. A feature of the retina of dogs is that they do not have cones sensitive to red, due to this, they can not tell the difference between yellow-green and orange-red color, but can easily determine, for example, blue.

Cats purr when they are happy.
However, although they also purr when they are sick, and when they die.

One dog year equals seven human years.
This well-established myth has certain advantages (for example, it helps children to learn the multiplication table for seven), but it is a bit simplistic and depends primarily on the breed. Dogs age much faster than people - two-year dog can be compared with the 21-year-old man - but after that their age is "slowing down". In a general sense, the 10-year-old dog is closer to the 50-year-olds than 70-year-old.

If you hang a bell on the cat's neck, it will cease to kill birds.
Hardly. Rather, it will make your cat more of a better hunter, because she would have to learn to tread so that the bell did not ring.

Hamster in a wheel can run 9 miles in one night.
This myth is, oddly enough, really. Can, of course, is not exactly 9 miles, but pretty much.

Cats have nine lives.
In this myth, few believe because it is easy to refute (although doing it in any case it is not necessary). Although, for example, in Turkish and Arabic traditions the cat six lives. This myth probably originated from the fact that cats can survive in situations where we are with you for a long time would have gone to the hereafter. For example, a fall from a great height.


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