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Initially, the game between the teams of the Swedish "Gothenburg" and the city team Degerfors was sluggish, and none of the teams managed to open an account. All that changed in an instant. Forward "Gothenburg" Johansson, who before the meeting had taken his wife to the hospital, reported the birth of his daughter. Johansson seemed to have changed. He immediately became a central figure in the field and in the remainder of the four goals. "This is what can make the joy," - he said after the match referee, congratulating Johansson. "What is there joy, - said football - I dreamed about a guy. Therefore, I am so damn angry and vented evil rivals ».

Sunday. The fire department of a small Italian town of Campos suddenly sounded the alarm. Duty instantly plunged into the car and rushed to the scene of the fire. However, having arrived, they saw no fire, no smoke. But in the house on the second floor and screamed hysterically: "Help! Fire! ". Now there was a staircase. Man was lowered to the ground. Do not thanking, and without any explanation rescuers, he ran away. During the arrest revealed that he is a passionate fan of Giovanni Kuidzaro, the day most interesting football match was locked his wife does not want her husband every Sunday left the house. And resourceful fan invented a good way to get into the game.

It is an incredible penalty scored in August 1971 a team player "Builder" from Poltava Alexander Valiant. But listen very Molodetsky. "I dispersed, bent his head and hit the stationary ball. Goal! The ball hit the bottom right corner of the goalkeeper, "- said the footballer. It is extremely difficult to imagine how this could happen, but do not believe the author of this unique goal, too, there is no reason.

A crowd of drunken men burst into the night in an inn on the outskirts of a small Sicilian town. Strangers refreshments smashed glass and stole several bottles of wine. When frightened bar owner jumped out of bed and went downstairs intruders gone. Removing the premises, the owner found a small bronze figure of a football player. It was easy to establish that it is using this figure was open the door of the inn. In the same figure the police managed to find themselves crooks. They turned out to be the local football club "Riatstsa" who last season were awarded a statuette for this ... good behavior.

In 1984, in a small Armenian town of Gyumri, in a meeting of teams and players of Gyumri Yerevan dairy factory to 80 minutes of the match the score was 0-0. But after deviated kick one player Gyumri ball slowly went over the line, but it is not clear where the hare jumped out on the field and away from the ball rolled into the goal. And the judge had no match, but to deduct a goal to the disgust of players from Yerevan. Goal recorded on forward from Gyumri, who touched the ball last.

Prelyubopytny incident occurred in the mid-60s in a match of two Spanish teams - "Rioni" and "La Katina." Shortly after the beginning of the meeting the ball bounced off the leg judge was in the net gate owners - club "Rioni". The referee, despite protests from the audience and players, a goal is scored. as time went on, the hosts could not fight back, because of what the situation in the stands and on the field is gradually heated. Judge frantically pondered plans to escape from the violence raging fans ... Suddenly three minutes before the end of the game the ball hit him in the head and a moment later appeared at the gates of the guests. Hero of the meeting in shock carried from the players of both teams.

In the Chilean city of Antofagasta at a football match there was a curious case. Team Played urban management and officers of the local garrison. The judge appointed a penalty at the gate of the army command. Suddenly one of the players of this team (rank - lieutenant) showed the judge unequivocal gesture - from the field! The judge overturned the penalty and humbly retired, he served as a non-commissioned officer in the local garrison. Play the game, and the service department.


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