Vakhtang Kikabidze: "Everything flows, everything changes except the Russian chauvinism"

In an interview with Ukrainian edition of "Visoko Castle" famous actor Vakhtang Kikabidze said he thinks about Putin, about the dirt that was poured into Ukraine Russian media, about the capture of the Crimea, and much more.

"Everything flows, everything changes except the Russian chauvinism" - said Kikabidze.

"When we started to kill people, I was restless. 24 hours a day was thought in Kiev. I wanted to drop everything and be on Instytutska, Hrushevskoho. Unfortunately, age takes its toll. If the reset for 20 years, would be on the Independence. I have arms and legs for the pursuit of European values, against the lies, corruption, dictatorship. For free, rich and equal among equals European people of Ukraine ", - said the actor.

Kikabidze told that "when the Russian started a war with us (Georgia) in August 2008, we have protected hundreds of Ukrainian. There were a lot of them. Then killed seven Ukrainians ... Now on Independence for freedom and dependence Georgians fought, one of them 33-year-old Daville Kapiani died. He was the son of a small ... The Georgians were at the forefront, and they have repeatedly battered by berkutovtsev ».

The actor also recalled the history of life: "A few years ago I came home late at night and saw two men near the monument to Taras Shevchenko in Tbilisi (it opened in 2007). Both noted some event. I walked over and said in Ukrainian "Long live free Ukraine! & Quot ;. Heard unexpected answer: "Bubo, come to us! We - the Georgians, but the great Bard decided to raise a glass to Ukraine and Ukrainians, who have supported us and defended in the war with Russia. " And what do you think - I was third! Remembering this, each time crying ... »

Responding to a question about the security of Ukraine, Vakhtang Kikabizde replied that "such a big country like Ukraine should have its own nuclear weapons. Who knows how many more will rule Putin in the Kremlin, which frightens all who believe and never be. In a cruel world, and even with the atheists in power remain difficult kind. And if not impossible ».

According to him, "If this will not happen again what happened: Russian soldiers would come, then will come the Russian tank, and then - Russian tarpaulin boots. I do not want Russian boots in my native Georgia. I do not want them in his native Ukraine ».

The actor believes that "the plan to capture and annexation of the Crimea was developed from the first day of Ukrainian independence. Putin's imperial advisers pondered this for a long time. Kremlin feared the Maidan, which started at a disadvantage for them, during the Sochi Olympics. Putin did not waste time. Only finish games a little break before the Paralympics, he climbed to the Crimea.

As for the Russian television that Vakhtang Konstantinovich named their misanthropic.

"I can not and do not want to see the insanity and the hateful lie that show the Russians. Russians scare us for life. It becomes unbearable. I Putin also banderovets and fascist. After Independence support and Ukrainians. And thank God. Proud and proud of it! By the way, it is impossible not to notice how Putin speaks "Bendera", does it with a gross mistake on purpose. To humiliate the name of the great Stepan, belittle its significance. On the other hand, speaking so, says Moldovan Ukrainians, because "benderivets" - a resident of the city of Bendery, "- said Kikabidze.

He also recalled that "when Russia sent troops into Georgia, and I abandoned Russian Order of Friendship to my 70th birthday, a lot of dirt on me poured Russian media. And above all, by the mouth of those who have always considered friends. Since then, no one and nothing surprised. It takes time to forgive ».

Answering the question what he thinks about writing a series of Russian cultural figures in support of Putin's actions in the Crimea, Kikabidze stated: "We are all different, everyone looks at the world with its bell tower. It is not necessary for them to pay attention. Those who had the courage, intelligence and courage, they did not agree with the position of the Kremlin, knowing that they will not forgive the system. Who was the person, and it still is. Artistic people have no right to call for war. Only - to peace, kindness, love, peace and understanding ».

Vakhtang Konstantinovich could not tell an anecdote in the topic: "Putin came to a fortuneteller and asks:" What is all of the? & Quot;
 - War - meets a fortune teller.
 - Yes, I know it. And how after the war cost the beer at the Red Square?
 - Six hryvnia - said the woman ».

Kikabizde believes that "all Ukrainian must join hands together and build the country for which will not be ashamed to everyone. Do not forget that for this blood was shed on the Maidan.

We need to radically change the model of Ukraine. Forever discard all shovels and forget it like a bad dream. A strong state can not be built without a coherent cultural and information policy. One that would unite the people would give him a sense of pride in their own, their relatives ».

Vakhtang Konstantinovich also said that dreams give a charity concert in Kiev memory hundreds of Heaven, and said: "It is possible that at the Independence to its able to see and hear many people as possible. From the stage to say Ukrainians emotional speech recognition of their achievement. Forward to this day look. "


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