Interesting facts about animals

Tigers do not just striped fur, but striped skin.

Ferrets sleep up to 20 hours a day.

At Octopus rectangular pupil.

To welded hard boiled ostrich egg, it should be boiled for at least 40 minutes.

Giraffe absolutely black tongue, the length of which can reach up to 45 cm.

The temperature of the blood in the Antarctic fish can reach 1, 7 degrees Celsius.

Whale Heart banging, only 9 times per minute.

The longest flight Registered chicken lasted 13 seconds.

The cat's jaws can not move sideways.

When in 1850, from Europe to America brought the first batch of sparrows, Americans are so glad that zakormili them all to death.

An iguana can stay underwater for up to 28 minutes.

Zebra - white with black stripes, and not vice versa.

A rat can last longer without water than a camel.

In ancient Egypt, the main pests of fields considered not beetles and even locusts, and hippos ....

The female armadillo has a unique ability. When stressful situations it can delay the birth for up to two years.

From bee stings each year die 3 times more people than the bites of rattlesnakes.

Males bald monkey just as well as men.

Snakes can sleep for 3 years in a row, taking nothing for food.

The flea can jump to 33 cm in one jump. If people had the same jumping ability, a person could make jumps on 213 meters!

An animal with the largest brain in relation to body - mypavey.

Elephant - the only animal with 4 knees.

Dogs kysayut females are more likely than dogs.

Mopskaya star can vyvepnyt your zhelydok naiznanky.

There is no moth zhelydka.

Letychaya mouse - the only mammal that can fly kotopoe.

Polyapnye bears mogyt skopostyu run at 40 km / h.

Chimpanzees - the only animals eccentricity mogyt yznavat himself zepkale.

Kpokodily swallow stones to glybzhe nypnyt.

The only animals who have sex padi ydovolstviya - people and dolphins.


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