10 most beautiful cities in the world

The influential magazine Forbes, as you know, likes to spend all sorts of rankings and polls. Readers are invited to the next rating, dedicated to the most beautiful cities in the world.

Come on, as always, to the end.
10. Madrid, Spain
One of the most popular tourist cities. Hot, fun, fun. On the world map appeared in ancient times. As the legend says, it was founded by a hero named Okny. It has evolved into the city from the fortress Madzhirit, which was first mentioned in the year 932.
Here is one of the largest museums in Europe - the Prado. In general, in Madrid a wide variety of museums. And there delicious wine.

9. Amsterdam, Netherlands
Free and unobtrusive - these are the adjectives that come to mind when the word "Amsterdam". Among the general population, this city is known for the fact that it allowed trade in soft drugs.
It was founded in 1275. Although Amsterdam is the Van Gogh Museum, Rembrandt House Museum and many other interesting places tourists visit it, mainly because of the ... free sale of soft drugs, as mentioned above.

8. Berlin, Germany
It is a city in which a great number of young people. That is why the old Berlin impression "young" city. In general, rich in history, so there is, what to see, and in addition to the young people on the streets.

7. Melbourne, Australia
Those who happened to be in the city, claim that it is extraordinarily beautiful. It amazing architecture that strikes the imagination of many first-class service. In short, it is better to see once.

6. Barcelona, ​​Spain
The capital of Catalonia, the one on which the Russian tourist knows neponaslyshke. And tourists in this city definitely has a place to roam and what to see.

5. Rome, Italy
Well, this is exactly the case when absolutely nothing to add or take away. Actually, in Rome every tourist simply must visit at least once

4. New York, USA
Especially beautiful in New York celebrating Christmas. Many tourists come here it is winter. While at other times of the year to get bored here just do not have anybody.

3. Sydney, Australia
Once here conducted in 2000 Olympic Games, city recognized throughout the world. No doubt, this is the perfect place to relax.

2. Paris, France
How are classics? "See Paris and die." Although there are many people who do not like this city. The reasons are different. However, it is better to see for yourself, and then make your judgment too.

1. London, UK
First on the list this year. Well, to know is for what. And although here it rains more often than the sun is shining, it has not prevented the city to occupy the highest position in the list of Forbes.


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