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Bathroom of the studio design «wieki somers» all its appearance conveys the feeling of the water element, bewitching their appearance. The frame of the bath is made of materials such as oak and red cedar, which gives it the appearance of this boat, plowing the seas. Released this suite in a limited performance in the amount of 30 pieces, one of which can be seen in the museum «Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen», located in Rotterdam.



As the legends of the Maya people mentioned in them the mysterious crystal skulls symbolize the power of life and death - a wonderful force capable how to cure and destroy all life. That is what was the prerequisite for the creation of unusual glasses for shots, the inner surface of which has the shape of a skull. Particularly impressive course they look when filled with some drink.




Cyclists from the company «Inner City Bikes» at first glance looks just like a regular - a familiar all aluminum frame, two-wheel disc brakes, pedals, steering wheel ... But more and more looking closely at it, you begin to see its fundamental distinguishing features from other bike - closely spaced together 36 inch wheels and no bicycle chain as such. But there is not provided, since the bicycle is driven by pedals attached directly to the rear wheel axle.




Sometimes you meet on the Internet are interesting things that you are convinced that our Chinese friends are able not only to copy, but to create something cool yourself - such as this funny shirt design. If you look from afar a man dressed in the shirt, a feeling that his body really squeezes huge hand.




Unbelievable, how much patience Anja Markiewicz needed to make such miniature origami sheets of paper the size of less than 2, 5 cm in length? After all, some of it folded figures reach insanely minimum size - just a few millimeters in length. In the continuation of other photos unusual hobbies Anna.






These lightweight running shoes from the company Timberland fold into themselves and are fixed in such a way because of the zipper located around the radius of the sole. So the manufacturer offers an unusual way to solve the problem of occupied space in the stowed backpack.





Unusual device fits in the palm, it will effectively prevent the robbery of office or apartment. This small electronic device is able to simulate the lighting of the 27-inch TV, including simulation features such as flicker, change the image simulation, and even the effect of switching TV channels. This electronic "bodyguard" is automatically turned as dark and has several modes of operation: a 4-hour operation, 7 hours of work and continuous operation. All this is possible thanks to a built-in LEDs of different colors and a special diffuser. Most importantly, there were no accidents on the power lines, as the unit's power comes from the mains.



«Victoria's Secret. Sexier than the skin. »

The New York School of Advertising - Miami Ad School, came up with an unusual interactive advertising network for the sale of lingerie «Victoria's Secret». The most savory place shown on posters at the top-models, designers strips covered with QR codes that are scanned copy using a mobile phone camera, you can get a reference to the image of the most hidden places.





Green Marker - is a set of tabs in the form of various sizes grass green leaf. They do not fall out of the books of the adhesive base expense (similar strips for notes), and they can also be easily detach without damaging the book pages.



A very interesting way of advertising an anti-itch foot was selected advertising agency in Brazil - Mohallem / Artplan. Paul for her actions made a U-turn of one of the magazines, which was depicted trace of her foot with a proposal to "scratch." As the "scratching" her nails, paint with stops get off, revealing readers image flows from the feet itching



Unusual soft ottomans from the Spanish brand Woouf look very unusual: it ottomans as a synthesizer, a travel suitcase, camera, and all the other familiar objects. These ottomans in addition to its direct purpose can act as simple as a beautiful accessory, decorating the room.








During the next listening to his song «Bright Siren», the guys from the Japanese rock band Androp represented in his imagination bright flashes flashing in the dark - so for them had the idea to use flash units mounted on the camera as a pixel of which would form a light animation for their music clip. It remained only to realize that the technical ideas to life. Of the 250 cameras of Canon mounted with external flash units was assembled lightbar, control of which was carried out from a PC using a special program. By the way, all the lighting and video effects in real, without the use of computer graphics.


The Nestle company made a truly innovative and unusual ice cream on a stick. This ice cream with vanilla flavor, jelly shell with grape flavor that you can peel like a banana peel this! The company plans rather grand, and after the successful launch of sales of ice cream in Thailand under the label «Eskimo Monkey», is planned to start during the year, sales of ice cream across the globe



Porsche Design does not cease to amaze us with their design abilities. This time everyone can appreciate a 55-inch water pipe, which combines high-quality materials - such as aluminum, steel and glass with a unique, timeless design. Flexible hose leading to the mouthpiece is made from high-tech material TecFlex, who had also been used to create stationery Porsche Design TecFlex. For anyone interested will let you know what to buy this hookah will be possible only in the shop Porsche Design Shop-in-Shop, the UK



The world-famous supermarket chain Tesco has launched in South Korea online store called Homeplus. This project was launched with the aim to reach a higher level of sales, with no significant expenses for the construction of new supermarkets. But online shopping today, no surprise you say. Yes, it is true, but only if you do not count the fact that in this virtual store you can walk, because the image Homeplus shop windows were placed in the South Korean subway! Depicted on posters, showcases products apparently fully compliant products from the regular supermarket, and the only thing that is required to make purchases in this shop - a smartphone. With a built-in camera photographed QR codes required products, and then the order is formed, and when he reached home after work, you will have to meet the delivery service to order the product.

The result of this unusual move was the increase in registrations in the online store by 76%, while online sales network increased by 130%.



Design duo from Sweden «Ontwerpduo» prototype creates an unusual flower pots. They are shaped cut in half normal plant pot, and are made of transparent plastic. Also, each of the pots is provided with suction cups for attaching them to the window glass. The idea of ​​course is very original, but how much is "joy" if these pots fall off from the glass ;-)




Incredible heat exhausting all and sometimes you want to at least a small feeling of coolness. So for this part of the Japanese were again ahead of the entire planet and offer this summer the unusual solutions for salvation from the heat. Details to continue.


The first way - it sprays a cooling foam blue, which must be applied to any part of the body and put pressure on it, and then the foam will increase in volume due to the formation in it bubbles with cold air, which later will burst releasing the cold air .

Second means - and this balloon, from which the skin surface can be coated with a gel cooling temperature -9 ° C, which will also be formed with cold air bubbles burst and sound resembling skvorchaschee butter in a frying pan :-) gel fairly quickly evaporates from the skin without leaving any traces.


Grandfather Clock (Eng .: grandfather clock) - the most unusual clocks, designer Rob Price is not really spoiled vintage watch his grandfather, he decided to just simply cut face made from antique clock, depriving them of the upper and lower thirds. The mechanism of these clocks running from 2 AA batteries, driving the beautiful carved arrows.




Yes, the pocket watch is fashion today, compared with the usual all wristwatches. But maybe still there are people who will attract greater refinement DBM pocket watches from the company De Bethune, which are embedded in an elegant case for iPhone 4 made of alligator skin. The result is really quite stylish case, although I think the price for it will be like an alligator biting!


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