7 wonders of nature

Lightning Katakumbo


One of the most striking phenomena in the world. There is only one place in the world - at the mouth of Lake Maracaibo and Katakumbo located in Venezuela. Electric Storm is completely silent. Habitual you hear thunder. Sixty seconds can count 150-200 lightning. This unusual phenomenon is observed almost every night. Scientists call lightning Katakumbo biggest ozone generator on the planet. The genesis of the phenomenon is not fully understood. There are several versions. The most plausible is that the cold wind coming down from the Andes, there are warm and moist air of Lake Maracaibo, which creates the ionization of air particles.

Lake Pitch Lake


Unusual lake is located in Trinidad. Once the locals considered it a severe punishment of the gods, and today scientists refer it to the type of asphalt lakes. The depth of the infernal lake is 90 meters. Every day from the lake Pitch Lake is mined 300 tons of bitumen.

Lambert Glacier


The largest glacier in the world is in Antarctica. The length of the ice blocks is more than 400 kilometers, width - 200 km. Lambert Glacier gives birth to a beautiful natural phenomenon - the magical emerald icebergs that are "touched up" organic substances contained in the ice. Dry Valleys of Antarctica itself is wonderful and mysterious, because the territory of more than 3 million square kilometers, no ice, no snow. From the coast of the river flows and Onyx also has mysterious Lake Vanda, the water temperature in which is 25 degrees Celsius.

Lake John Juan


The most salty body of water in the world is Lake John Giovanni, all located in the same place in the unfathomable Antarctic. The depth of the lake is only 10 centimeters, but even under the most fierce Antarctic frosts in the -60 degrees Celsius water in it never freezes, because it is 14 times saltier ocean.

Morning Glory


This is an amazing wonder of nature watching over the Gulf of Carpentaria off the coast of Australia. Clouds stunning cylindrical shape long migrate thousands of kilometers in the sky at dawn. In China, Gloria called "Buddha's Light" .First written evidence of the observation of the phenomenon date back from Mount Emei '63 n. e. Australian miracle observed only since 1989.

Wave "pororoka┬╗


The longest wave in the world, called the Indian word "pororoka." In the Amazon River in Brazil, it happens three times a month, twice a day. It causes a surge in the Atlantic Ocean, the biggest waves that rise in February and March. Every year in San Domingo organize National Championships on river surfing "pororoka." To date, the record is put on the board at 12, 5 kilometers away.



Moving stones can be seen in the Central Valley of Death. Weight Kamenyuki some of these travelers reached 200 kilograms, but that does not prevent it heavyweights move. Why is this happening - a mystery. They crawl along the bottom of a dry lake Racetrack, leaving behind a distinct trace. Very slowly, but surely.


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