7 Unusual ways to go to another world

Not so many designers work in the funeral business and not a lot of people think that there are some more interesting ways to leave this world. To learn how to become a birch after death, to fly to the moon, to turn into a diamond or go cryostorage.

Become tree

Spanish designer Martin Azua managed to combine the idea of ​​life after death with an environmental solution to the problem of burial. In his "Biournu" made of cellulose, coconut and pressed peat is expected to put the ashes of the deceased along with the seeds. Then the urn buried in the ground, and a few months later she gives the first sprouts. Tree View, you can choose at their discretion: it is assumed that the relatives of the deceased (or he, if attend to the issue in advance) can pick up the plant that best reflects the essence of the deceased.

Become fireworks or fly into space

The British company Heavens Above Fireworks ready mix human ashes with rockets and make a big salute in memory of the deceased. The organizers of each pirospektakl develop individually: The company believes that there is no better way to say goodbye to a loved one. The same company also offers the possibility to send the remains into space. For $ 695 you can get out into the open space, and for 10 thousand - to fly around the Moon. When life will be much more expensive.

Become a fertilizer

Swedish Suzanne Wii-Masak, a marine biologist by training, is concerned about the transformation of bodies into fertilizer. After working for 15 years as an engineer in the chemical industry, it has developed a way to subtitle Promession, using which the body decomposes and begins to rot. Razrabotchki this technology believe dense coffins impede the flow of air and the oxidation process of the body. Wii-Masak offers frozen body of liquid nitrogen, after holding him for a week and a half at a temperature of -18 degrees Celsius, milled to small pieces in a special separator, placed under vacuum to remove excess moisture, and then transfer the remains of a readily degradable living under ground microorganisms coffin. During the year, the corpse must be completely dissolved in the soil. On this site may plant a tree - this service is already included in the price.

Be frozen in a special chamber


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