Ðóíåò in pictures XIV. "Loan sharks without nothing sacred" or the fastest growing segment of the Russian financial market

Many hundreds, maybe even thousands of years ago in the world of modern analogs were first microfinance institutions (MFIs). This type of business has always been characterized by high profitability and high risks. Recently, however, we are faced with the study of the "National Agency for Financial Studies", according to which 78% of Russians do not know what the MFI, and another 11% know about it only by hearsay. Therefore, this post we decided to dedicate MFIs in Russia - the financial market, the users of which is variously estimated from 2, 5 to 4, 5 million. Russians, and its volume exceeded 70 billion. Rubles in 2013.
In the XIV edition of "Russian Internet in Pictures", we decided to look at the modern Russian business "loan sharks", which in recent years has taken a prominent place on the Russian market of online financial services.

Source: habrahabr.ru/company/payonline/blog/217709/


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