The service helps in the optimal choice of MFIs for obtaining a loan

No one is guaranteed against financial difficulties, which, as a rule, arise spontaneously. And when a problem arises in front of a person who needs a certain amount (usually up to several thousand hryvnias), where to get the urgently needed money, the service will come to the rescue. Since ordinary banking institutions, due to the duration of the consideration of an application for a loan, as well as the possible refusal in it for a number of reasons, are not able to provide a loan online, the best way out is to contact an MFO. And in order to choose the one that provides the most suitable conditions for a particular borrower, it is worth using the portal, where all the necessary information about the largest microfinance organizations in the country is collected and professionally systematized. The indisputable advantages of this service are:
  • round-the-clock and daily availability;
  • the presence in the catalog of only verified MFOs of Ukraine;
  • availability of a simple interface with the ability to select an MFI according to the requested parameters;
  • the reliability of the information provided on the credit products offered by the organizations;
  • the ability to apply for a credit card online directly on the company's website.

Some MFOs, in addition to a passport and TIN, offer a potential borrower to fill out a short questionnaire indicating marital status, gender, type of activity, region of residence, etc.

Advantages of microfinance lending Any citizen of Ukraine over 18 years of age can use the services of, choose the MFO that suits him the most according to its terms and receive a transfer (within a few tens of minutes) to his bank card. The advantages of such a financial transaction are:
  • providing a minimum package of documents, that is, only a passport of a citizen of Ukraine, as well as a TIN (in rare cases, an additional, easily completed document is required);
  • the ability to use a simple loan calculator that excludes hidden payments;
  • high (90%) probability of a positive decision on the application;
  • a quick decision to transfer money to the borrower to his card;
  • the right to prolong the contract;
  • the possibility of early repayment of debt;
  • availability of a loyalty program and regular campaigns for clients.

Rating criteria It is convenient and profitable to receive a loan for a card urgently using the service, since, guided by the current rating of MFOs published on the site, the borrower has the possibility of a more thoughtful approach to the choice of a particular financial institution. Based on customer feedback and objective data about the MFI, the company determines its rating based on:
  • the speed of service from the moment the application is filled in until the money arrives on the card;
  • clarity and transparency of lending conditions;
  • loyalty to potential borrowers and regular customers.
Professionally processed by employees, these data become the basis for an objective assessment of a particular MFO.


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