Top MFIs with the most convenient personal account

To apply for an online loan in a microfinance organization, you must create a personal account. All your data will be stored in it. By logging into the site, you can repay the loan and apply for a new loan with just a couple of clicks.
It is very important for every borrower that the personal account is convenient and functional. Where to find one? Look in our list of Top MFIs!

Alex Credit
Alex Credit took the first place in the rating. With the help of this service, you can borrow from 100 to 12,000 hryvnia for up to 30 days.
By logging into your personal account on the Alex Credit website, you can track your current debt, including interest, apply for new loans, make payments, and also use other useful functions.
You can create an account on the Alex Credit website when you apply for your first loan. In the proposed form, you need to enter an e-mail, which will serve as a login, and a password.

Credit 7
A rather convenient personal account, according to borrowers, is offered by Credit 7. You can register it during the first application for a microloan. The procedure is carried out automatically. The borrower simply needs to enter personal information in the fields provided.
After logging into your account, you can:
  • monitor the status of the current microloan: the amount of accrued interest and the number of days until the expiration date;
  • connect prolongation;
  • make payments using a bank card;
  • apply for new loans in 2 minutes;
  • receive notifications about new company promotions.
To make an entrance on the Credit 7 website, you need to click the Login button, and then specify the phone number associated with the page.
In Credit 7, you can get on the card from 600 to 10,000 hryvnia for up to 30 days.

Miloan took the third place in the Top-MFO rating. By contacting this MFO, you can get 20,000 hryvnia already at the first contact. The available maturity is 30 days.
To create a personal account on the Miloan website, you need to apply for the first loan. To register, you need to enter your full name, phone number, email address, TIN. In the future, the key for entering will be the mobile number and one-time password. The code will be sent to the phone every time you try to log into the site Such a system of protection, according to borrowers, is the most reliable.
From Miloan's personal account, it is convenient to apply for microloans, make online repayments, monitor the status of debt, and renew the contract. The site interface is quite simple. Thanks to the prompts, every borrower will be able to deal with the functionality of a personal account.
All three companies, in our opinion, deserve attention. In addition to a convenient personal account, they offer affordable loan conditions, fast processing, security and confidentiality. We hope our research will help you choose an MFI and get a loan on comfortable and favorable terms.


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