Technology science fiction: the warp (Star Trek)

In this series of posts will learn about the many technologies "Star Trek", such as warp, sublight engines and the like sci-fi and have analogues today advances in technology.

Wrap, also known as "bending", a technology curvature of space-time by means of plasma and multilayer coils curvature that different races can be found in several variations.

Each race has a warp technology and higher, officially recognized as sufficiently developed to go into space and collaborate openly with all other races, at least by the rules of the Alpha Quadrant.

By itself is not a warp engine, it does not move the ship, he shifts the space-time inside the zone around the ship, with respect to the space-time outside it. It is not explained how ships can catch up with each other in the warp, since this is not enough that is necessary to accurately warp generators (nacelles, rings, etc.), so more and sensors must be superlight and without distortion. As for the sensor, they use a subspace in which all signals reach from a point to a point immediately, which prevents a distance to the target figure, only direction.

Also, the warp is the source of almost all the space-time distortions in the series, where ships, reaching 10 warp under the old scale, begin to move with infinite speed and are at all points of time and space that is not just achieved, but does not explain how the fabric of space-time it moves and adjusts such interventions.

Why the last 10 warp?
Warp layers superimposed on the area around the ship, each layer requires ever greater energy, but also allows even more bend space-time, which gives priority to speed. In the picture below shows the scale of the warp in terms of energy (yellow), which illustrates how reduced energy consumption during the jump (applying a new layer) to a new warp factor.

There are two scales, before and after the upgrade systems Cochrane, creator warp engine on the ground.
Older limited to 10 warp, the second bit extended after 10 warp him talking 11, 12, 13 and so on, while the count is up to 15, with the warp 13 is approximately equal to warp 9, 95 on the old scale.

Warp is also flexible enough field that is displayed in a different number and shape of the emitter. The simplest type of warp emitters - ring around the ship. Such use Vulcans and with such a system was built XCV330.

Another option is 1 gondola below, above, or through the central axis of the ship.
It is also often used by almost all races variation with 2 gondolas, usually on the sides of the ship.
But that's not all, there are modifications that can be considered a transition from full ring (it has the smallest cost of the imposition of any new field) to odnogondolnomu type, which can be detected using 3 or more pods, sometimes a different configuration to make the warp field cheaper and sustainable. But it affects the energy consumption at speeds of less than 5 warp, which is why such structures are commonly used on the fastest boats and ships, where you need to minimize the cost of superluminal travel and to transfer energy to shields and weapons.

These ships are often military dreadnoughts and cruisers quick response. Almost every ship Star Trek created analogue to 3-4 or even 5 gondolas, which is also a representation of a smooth transition between different modifications and new hulls of ships.

Among other things, Star Trek's warp field does not create the space-time gaps between objects in front and behind, resulting in the need to repel debris and dust from the vehicle in front, so it does not hit him at superluminal speed, make a hole in the hull.

It also shows that the ships can not pass through the stars and planets, as if pushing their space-time, which also makes a route not directly, but in view of all counterclaims large objects.

At warp technology has great advantages, but also disadvantages, such as, the need for constant feed high-power plasma flows each ring, as well as the requirements for space-time and the presence of the subspace, all of which results in a number of Cochrane other than 0.

Number of Cochrane is a factor which is multiplied by all the power the warp field that gives real power warp field. If it is 0, the warp is not possible, it also means that in this time-space subspaces burned tissue, which usually occurs in the explosion omega-particles. Accordingly, the Federation and some other space powers in every way hinder the creation of new omega-molecules that can generate a huge explosion in addition to a complete rupture of the subspace within a couple of solar systems.
If Cochrane number from 0 to 1, the warp is possible, but not at full capacity.
When the number is greater than 1 Cochrane zone becomes extremely efficient and through such "road" to travel at warp can be a much lower cost and greater speed.

Gradually, complicating the design of the coils and the power of the warp reactor, together with the accuracy of all systems responsible for controlling the warp field, the Federation has reached warp 10, such that the first roll (pilot Tom Paris, the series "Voyager") gave an unexpected evolutionary effect, said on the pilot.

After that the show has not been used warp 10th, but afterwards, as is well known, the data were analyzed with the Voyager scientists Federation and based on them created the first stable transvremennye warp drive, which allowed without the risk of genetic changes to travel through time and space without time-consuming. However, such a development almost immediately was classified Section 31, but some of its details had leaked to other races and Janeway in the last series of one scientist stole a prototype of such an engine, allowing it to change history.

In addition to the Voyager, the 10th warp also featured in the "New Generation", which is shown in an episode where the Enterprise was accelerated by the influence transvremennye beings, who became interested in the young Wesley Crusher abilities when he learned very little impact on the ship's warp field and using this being. As a result, the entire ship with more than 900 people on board turned out to be in all places at once, but it was not the end. The ship began to obey the thoughts of the crew, most of them fear that shows a strong increase of mental influence in such an amazing space.

But before entering into this space was shown a transition line, which was so beautiful that it needs to see himself (the last picture, the full name of the series «Where no one has gone before»):

But even without opening such an engine, Ambassador Spock could calculate the required parameters to move in time with the help of gravity very massive objects like stars and black holes that shown in the series of CBT, and the fourth film. (I'm sure he was not the only one who thought of this before then, as all the reports of the ship naturally read admiral and intelligence, which suggests that it is because of Spock started this whole story with the main time directive)

In the Enterprise as it turns out that in the 22 century comes a time of war, which involves a lot of races of our galaxy, and which was initiated by the race not because of our galaxy, seeking to change the space-time for themselves.

However, the warp in this series is not used as a journey through time, all such transitions were a result of the use of any portable devices, distorts the whole area of ​​space-time around a person or several people, or if improperly controlling the warp field when passing through the cosmic anomaly, which themselves are unstable wormholes, which often need to be in addition to the warp fields and adaptation of temporal radiation and other types of radiation.

As a result, the warp is the first, but not the most advanced technology of moving in space-time, but it was from him are all the other technologies, such as transvremennye warp, slipstream, creating sharp transitions in time with the help of massive objects that existed in the past and now as well as various kinds of accelerators, such as "space Catapult", shown in an episode of Voyager.



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