Physicist Miguel Alkuber presented to the scientific community a model hyperspace (warp) -Engine

Recently physicist Miguel Alkuber presented to the scientific community a model hyperspace (warp) -Engine that can exceed the speed of light through space-time curvature. The device in this model should generate a field of negative energy, which will compress or stretch the space-time, creating in him a kind of bubble. And the bubble will move in the wake of curvature as the surfer on the wave of the present. As the Big Bang, space-time can be expanded so quickly that material objects can pass the limit of the speed of light.

Scheme warp curvature

1. The vertical dimension is defined as the volume of the space-time shrinks or expands in the model Alkubera. Positive values ​​(red) indicate expansion. When the space-time expands behind the spaceship, it pushes it forward.

2. Inside the warp bubble neutral space-time has no effect on the ship. Its passengers will feel the usual zero gravity space flight.

3. Negative values ​​(blue) represent compression of space-time. Compression balances the expansion of space-time as the bubble moves forward.


Negative Energy: Creating a warp engine requires negative energy - a mysterious form of matter in which the repulsive forces act rather than attraction. Although its existence scientifically predicted, it has never been possible to measure in the laboratory and known methods of its creation is extremely limited; they generate so much positive (normal) energy that any effects of negative energy, probably just lost in her background.

Limiting the speed of light: If scientists manage to generate a sufficiently powerful field of negative energy, they need some way to put some of it in front of the spacecraft. "The problem," says Alkuber, "is that you can not make this field to achieve the desired field." In other words, to place the energy field in front of the ship, you will need to move it to a speed exceeding the speed of light, which is impossible. At least with our current level of scientific knowledge.

Destabilization: Even if scientists will be able to generate and accurately position the field of negative energy, there is no reason to think that it will be able to maintain its integrity. Group of Spanish and Italian researchers published in 2010 an article in which it is proved that the quantum-mechanical radiation similar to Hawking radiation, which appears on the event horizon in black holes will appear and "inevitably lead to destabilization of the warp bubble when the superluminal" .

In the photo action scheme hyperdrive


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