Pitbull their lives to save two women from a poisonous cobra

American Pit Bull Terrier "Chive" rescued Victoria, 87 years old, and her granddaughter Mary from venomous cobra that got into their house through a hole in the kitchen.

Victoria watched TV on the couch, when suddenly jumped Chive, warning her of the presence of a cobra. Maria rushed with his grandmother in a separate room, hoping that the snake will leave.

But after a while, when Mary tried to leave the room, she was horrified to find a cobra two meters away from me. Snake expanded its hood and spit venom, ready to deliver the death blow.

"The snake was in front of us, maneuvering his stroke," says Maria. "I loudly calling for help».

That's when out of "nowhere" appeared Chive, block the path of a cobra, using himself as a shield against attack snakes. Chive then seized the cobra by the neck and hit her on the floor, killing her. In the fight he sustained a fatal bite to the jaw, and after a few moments he began to choke and fell.

The family appealed for help to the vet, but they said they can not do anything. According to the vet, the bite was too close to the brain Chiva, and the poison had already spread. Mary called her husband Marlon who, stunned by the news, rushed home immediately.

Ian de la Rama, a family friend, said that it took less than 30 minutes after the bite when Chive staggered eventually lost control of the body. But he still continued to cling to life.

Ian de la Rama describes, "sighed Chive two more times and died. He fought and kept up to the last ounce of breath to look at his master in the last two seconds of his life ».

Yang added that the last thing that made the Chive, it wag its tail to its owner.


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