All other countries envy us!

We have the most beautiful in the world of the prosecutor. And all the other countries envy us.

After all, only our prosecutor may be the subject of adoration of a country with which we have a formal war.

This is our prosecutor can hang out all night in the clubs, fotkatsya in a bikini, and exactly at 8.00 am to be at work. 7eb6b34044.gif

Only in our prosecutor can masturbate and do not you say that you are gay or izvraschenets.a9e31ced75.gif

It is our Attorney mimishnost level 80, but prosecutors decided afraid.

Our Attorney unique in the world who have fans.

It became our Attorney anime hero, while other prosecutors become heroes horror, thrillers and nasty stories.

We say it with affection - NYASHA and she us - "I'm not nyasha┬╗

And yet she nyasha our NYASHA !!!

And yet, our prosecutor, cat!




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