Bears - they like people

Bears mysteriously combine two forms: they are both ferocious predators, and cute little animals. Which are also sometimes behave quite like people.
Sometimes bears wake from hibernation is assembled their most "human" picture. Mishutka, wake up, you're cool.
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1. Hello!

2. Are you going to help us or will you be there?

3. Well, hello, ladies!

4. Let's see how my shares today

5. Earn money, buy a jet ski ...

6. bought. And how to manage it?

7. Faster, man, faster!

8. Pati underway

9. I can not see

10. Tele lacks

11. When you woke Shakespeare

12. Just drink with friends after work

13. Well, she obviously likes me ...

14. I said - no pictures today

15. Wow, noon already?

16. They found their love

17. Oh, your shoes are wonderful!

18. I bet you can not do it again

19. Look at this fish. All mine!

20. The same did not go to school?

21. Scratch my back. Yes, that's it!

22. You really put my bag?

23. This is the worst pool

24. Hey, let's do self!

25. I now everything is correct

26. I'm sexy and I know it!
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