A new type of glass is open by animalcules

Glass looks pretty perfect in the form in which it is, but researchers are constantly looking for ways to make it better. Researchers at the University of Chicago stumbled upon a new type of glass, studying the tiny but strong creatures called "water bears" or animals.

Microscopic animals make a strange protective glass coating that is not similar to any other found in living beings, and it may be useful for people and lead to more efficient lighting and solar energy technology.

Water bears is a tiny eight-legged sea creature that can withstand a huge temperature range from just above absolute zero to more than the boiling point of water. And they are really very small, measuring just 0.5 mm in adulthood. Because of their small size and incredible endurance, the water-bears are of great interest for researchers hoping to reveal the secrets of their survival.

The opening of the new glass were made after the researchers subjected to dehydration, tiny animals, and then revived them after a few years, by restoring the water balance. A small creature defended itself in a dehydrated state, making the coating of glass. "When you remove the water, they quickly hid in a large number of glass molecules," says Juan de Pablo (Juan de Pablo), Professor of molecular engineering at the University of Chicago. "Thus they remain in this state of suspended animation".

Glass, which produce water bears, is different from many other researchers previously visible in nature. It has a molecular structure of the liquid, but physically it is solid material. Researchers believe this new type of glass may have potential in technological applications, namely improving the efficiency of electronic devices such as LEDs, optical fibers, and solar batteries.published


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