How to make paper lanterns: user manual XIX century

The staff of the Historical library has posted the scanned instructions for making paper lanterns from the magazine "Science and life", 1890

Method of folding paper harmonics

© The state public historical library of Russia (Historical library)"Device, paper lanterns are so easy that not only adults, but children can easily make them yourself.

Take a sheet of colored paper is not particularly thick, but one that was well-lit with a candle. Sheet size for a lantern of ordinary size 7×8 inches. This sheet folding harmonic (Fig. 1, hell. a) so that each side folds was the width of the finger; then, without deploying the harmonics, we begin to gofrit at the sharp edge of the table or on the edge of the box (Fig. 2, hell. b) at the same time, turning the folded band harmonica in one direction and then the other, fingers make small folds. Gofrit to start and finish a little away from the ends of the tape are doing it to, so you the outer corners of the harmonics at one end, smeared a little glue, put in the inner corners of the other end of the tape. When the ends stick together, Garena belt takes the form of a ring. To the ring on one side glue a cardboard circle, and on the other cardboard ring. To strengthen the candle at the bottom of the lantern, make a tin candleholder: wyrazem the plate, as shown in Fig. 2 (Fig. C), and bending it around the circumference, the ends (d — d) passed through the cardboard and bend them. To the top cardboard ring attached wire.

How to crimp folds for paper lanterns

© The state public historical library of Russia (Historical library)When the device is round (spherical) lights take two sheets of paper, better to take different colors (or each sheet pasted together from paper with two colors so that the lamp will have 4 colors) and each sheet gofrit separately like an ordinary flashlight. Then cut out of cardboard or three semi-rings with the width of the tape and one of them with the other side glued sharenow paper, and the ribbons give the appearance of semirings. The other two half-rings glued to the still free sides of the ribbons.

Device paper lanterns

© The state public historical library of Russia (Historical library)When the lamp is dry, then folded the ends of the lamp make small holes with an awl or a nail, through which we perform the rope and bind loosely to the lantern might reveal. From the top of the lantern do the clipping that the paper caught fire from the candle, the candle of the same is attached to the middle semicircle with the same candlestick, which was already described (Fig. 3, hell. f). When the device illumination lights hung along alleys or lanes on both sides on the outstretched wire with the bent wire hooks...

The sample transparency at the illumination

© The state public historical library of Russia (Historical library)Easy to make the banner, which sported the initials, for example, the birthday, if the illumination is arranged on the occasion of a family celebration. On a piece of cardboard first, draw with a pencil the initials of their surround with a wreath of oak or Laurel, under the wreath, draw a suitable saying. When everything's done, all sketched cut with a knife and glue the bottom cardboard, the transparent paper of the corresponding colors. The finished sheet prikolachivayte to the box, whose bottom can be opened and banner ready. Place inside the box of candles in the evening will be very nice to stand out cut on the cardboard (Fig. 5)". (The magazine "Science and life", No. 27, pp. 428-429, 1890.) published


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