A day in the life of an officer of the Russian army

Says the author: The fates decreed a few days brought me to Gorokhovetsky military range in the Nizhny Novgorod region. We August 24-25 shot story about the events of the best commanders of motorized infantry and tank companies and battalions Land Forces of the Russian Federation.

View on the army and military service inside the eyes suggest lieutenant Arthur Zaripov - simply because he is a very sociable and open person, and agreed to talk about their service.

So Arthur morning August 25, 2011 begins at 4 am (!). However, this is due to early rise time zone difference - Senior Lieutenant Zaripov is in the Far East (of course these early photos I have, because I have time zones all good), so the first photo of the day - after charging and reading books in the dining room.


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