Unique coverage of the female body - the story of the origin of life

We offer you the unique coverage of the female body.
These unique photographs taken by the Swedish photographer Lennart Nilsson back in 1965. The photographer was born in 1922 and became the first person with the help of special equipment and cameras, was able to get inside a woman's body and remove the whole process of the birth of a new life.
First pictures of the embryo appeared in print as early as 1953, and this event inspired the photographer to create new jobs.
In order to show the development of man from the beginning, and he placed the microchamber mikroosvetitel at the end of the tube cystoscope, which examine the bladder and removed his unique photos directly from where people take the first step into the world of ...
Here it is - our history is the origin of life!
Here the sperm moves toward the egg

Sperm in the folds of the mucous membrane of the fallopian tubes is moving toward the egg.

The egg ...

Will there be a meeting?

The walls of the fallopian tubes ...


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