George Chamoun: Iconatomy

Similar facial features of people graphic designer and artist George Chamoun (George Chamoun) took as the basis of its new series Iconatomy. Finding similarities George intently studied the appearance of pop and kinoikon different eras. Without the use of the properties of proofreading graphic editors images from the world of film and music artist coalesced into a coherent collage. Belonging to a certain time the star author stressed the black and white and color gamut.

Elizabeth Jolie

Elizabeth Taylor + Angelina Jolie

Carey Clooney

Cary Grant + George Clooney

Audrey Portman

Audrey Hepburn Natalie Portman +

James Pattinson

James Dean + Robert Pattinson

Marilyn Johannson

Marilyn Monroe Scarlett Johannson +



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