George Clooney

Could Nick Clooney back there in the distant '60s suggest that brought his son on television, hardly what was five that he, years later, won an Oscar, will be the most famous and nepokorimym bachelor in Hollywood, will remove the film, do not give him grandchildren and love the black pig. It is not that right, George was eager to actors - no, he wanted to play baseball professionally, or, for example, to become a journalist, but somewhere up there for it decided otherwise.

Why is it greatly hurt the film's cousin, where he had a role was never released in theaters, George can not remember - because of serious betting he did not do, but they are immensely increased as soon as it was that nothing happened. Well, the world is Hollywood and the city of angels, who knows, and suddenly one of them, yes, it helps George as he knocks about from studio to studio in the actors' endless stream of samples.

And the help came in the form of ... "ER." The sexiest in the world "doctor" naturally soon became one of the most attractive in the world of actors. Raking offers from different studios, George strongly interested in one with the caption "Tarantino". That's who he is happy to be filmed from dusk till dawn ...
After that Clooney could do nothing, but he did and did everything perfectly, which is why we are now with great pleasure to read his interviews, we consider the photo and think "yes, marry you, have you ever?!».

And lost 15 thousand dollars. Never! - George just laughs in response.

The main thing I picked up from his mother - the ability to be versatile. She was a beauty queen and led his own TV show. But for my birthday I bought a circular saw, and she repaired the roof of our house. And more importantly, it taught me to be a realist and survive in difficult situations.

There is a chance - grab it.

I remember a boy I sometimes go to dinner in a restaurant with my family and with other families. Then in Kentucky it was a great event - go to a restaurant. We were very rich, and I just wanted to, like get my shrimp salad. And here, happened just the waiter put in front of you this is the salad, like a man from another family would say something like, "Well, there's the problem with these?" And my mom immediately started to rush us, "Eat faster! Eat faster! "For all we knew," the "means" black "and the father is required to stand on their side, a scandal, and we all have to leave the restaurant.

I am the son of a journalist, so I react to their antics do not like the other actors.

Before he became an actor, I have a lot of what he did: cut tobacco selling shoes for women. And you know what I found out when they were sold? All the women are lying about their size. Everything. Believe me - every one. For example, a young woman comes to me the size of the forty-one and said: "I have 38 and a half." I look at her and see that she has 41 minutes, and said: "38 minutes and a half will reap." But she pushes his leg in 38 minutes and a half, and says: "I take."

Go with the girl in the movie - the best there is to do on a date.

This success came to me after thirty. I distinctly remember sitting on the floor in the closet, in the house of his friend, completely broken. My friends were going to go to dinner, eat a hamburger, and I is not even on the money. Of course, they could pay for me, but I did not want it. And it has happened more than once. I remember that my buddy Brad lent me a hundred dollars. Now he manages our production company. I have it still did not give this a hundred, you know?

Thank all very strange and funny thing, through which constantly gets into silly situations.

The best thing in my life - it's friends, whom I consider my real family for twenty-five years. It's the same guys who do not despise me with it, and I reciprocate them. They do not care where I work. They have their own work, their own lives and their families. But every Sunday we go to the movies, playing basketball, going to family gatherings, or we go somewhere together. We cherish our friendship. I guarded it much stronger than your marriage.

Marry it is possible, only 45 do so foolishly we can not.

My uncle George was a drunkard. Once we found it on the racetrack, "River Downs" in Cincinnati, in the closet for harness - he slept there, an old man with a long gray beard. Thanks to Uncle George, I learned a lot about death, because I was with him when he died. And the main lesson is this: the death - is the private affair of all the things you are about to do. I reproach: "You do not want to have children? (And I really do not want to.) Are not you afraid to die alone? "Everyone dies alone. And the point. This is a very personal matter, and when Uncle George died he looked somewhere ... I do not know where. After that, I learned to look at life soberly, namely in life will be all sorts of troubles.

I'm an old-fashioned romantic. Even bought a piano to play in the evenings theme from "Casablanca." A woman should feel that she is loved, and still in its glass should always be champagne.

When I do a movie, I never get bored.

I realized that I should be the first joke. This is the best way to disarm the man.

The easiest, simplest and safest way to seduce a woman - let her seduce you.

I can not get enough of himself. I'm in love with myself. But even I sometimes feel sick from the abundance itself.

I love your movies frivolous. They helped me to buy a nice villa and sponsor their serious movies.

Come on, girls, while I love vodka, barbecues, bikes and fresh air, I do not need quiet family evenings and a baby crying.

My life - continuous holiday and I am well aware of this.


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