Top 5 facts about nuts

1. Hazelnut was very well known in ancient times. Our forefathers and ancestors of our ancestors did it with the help of evil spirits and charms of natural disasters. View this nut contains a large amount of vitamins E and A, and also improves brain activity. It is better to eat raw.

2. The recipes of Asian and Indian food can often be found prisutststvie cashews. for frequent use them in order to prepare the first and second courses, appetizer, sauce, dessert. They also have the ability to improve heart function, strengthen the immune system and even ugomonyat toothache. A total of 20 cashew nuts a day you should zahavali your body and provide a daily rate of iron. Nuts must be fried before eating, since in its raw form, they are tasteless.

3. Pistachio ohrestili "smiling nut". Despite the fact that they are low in calories and have a wealth of vitamins and minerals composition, particularly fond of is still not worth it. For the adult daily rate is only 15 nuts. Assist in the treatment of respiratory tract, jaundice and anemia, diseases of the digestive tract, with toxemia in pregnant women, as well increase the reproductive ability of men.

4. People who are disposed to heart disease, doctors recommend eat about 60 grams of almonds a week. Almonds are rich in iron, phosphorus and potassium. In the preparation of desserts, he often used. In Spain, it is considered an elite nut.

5. In the Caucasus, the walnut is considered a sacred tree. They also can meet and trees with the age of more than four centuries. Fruits contain a large amount of valuable minerals, tannins, and essential amino acids. They help in diseases of the nervous system, heart, stomach, physical exhaustion and anemia.


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