Briefly Tuesday

Bought course "ENGLISH IN A DREAM." A year before bedtime put the cassette. The result is, but somewhat unexpected: the sounds of English speech instantly fall asleep.

The priest had a dog, he loved her ... This is videotaped, and the priest excommunicated ...

One of the two men the phone rings.
 - Soon I will, baby. Yet zainka.
Second: The wife?
 - No, damn it, I learned to talk hare!

 - Bliiiiiiin ... I can not find at the end of scotch ...
 - Probably the female caught ...

She: I have a hole for earrings hurts.
He: What's a hole for Earrings?

Computer - is evil ... But if you turn it off, the other two are activated EVIL - fridge and TV !!!

I actually did not know about any of our relationship with you, while you did not tell me that they ran out ...

Announcement: "Good people! A week ago, foolishly drove her husband! One can not be! Men! But who can - tarry with me! "


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