Aviastopom Europe.

And what amazing events happened with our people abroad! Actually, something they now occur in abundance. But! The content and some subtext has changed radically. The main topic of today's incident is a brutal-alcohol tint, or something. "Tagil taxis', so to speak. Lost fear, enthusiasm remained. Not God forbid nostalgia purely a statement of fact.
This same story just because time has not yet lost innocence. Starting 90th, the collapse of the Union, but life rages on and on. And here goes a group of students - winners of regional competitions in the English language in the amount of seven people on probation. Trained to be in the beautiful country of Sweden in the university city of Sundsvall. A wonderful souvenir of such a toy-town with a curious history.
The composition of the group - "eight girls, one I have." That is, the entire staff of a little boy. This sometimes happens. Absolutely amazing six months of study, a lot of impressions, where, incidentally, is also close to the polar circle, full of social and natural exotic and wild enthusiasm. Well, shopping, of course, where the same without him. Because - remember - the beginning of the 90's and six women in the group. Some money had been taken from a plus scholarship. Upload, of course, to the fullest. Well, that is, until full unsupportable luggage accessories. And to complete the devastation of purses. The zero is called.
And nostalgic and dramatic day of departure. Route difficult. Sundsvall - Stockholm - Copenhagen - Kiev. Not a line, let us note, but in another way somehow did not work.
Arrive at the airport Sundsvall company, and here, before planting, all of a sudden it turns out that one of the girls forgot the tickets. Well, we have mentioned the route. It's not just the ticket. This ticket after 2 transit airport. In two countries. The girl Oli happens a nervous tic, followed by alternating colors on the face of the major scale in a random order.
But the situation is very cute taxiing accompanying honest company rector of the university, they say, everything is OK, I know everyone here, including the pilot and the director of the airport, so that, flying at full strength. Rector said - Rector did plunged - flew. It seems everyone is happy.
But our only kid corrosive such little thought crept in: "And that, in Stockholm, the rector also all know?" Moreover, to fly with the team, he was not going to. The other members of the group hushed solve local issue, relax and enjoy the flight.
We flew to Stockholm. Time difference between departure and arrival at Arlanda Airport - 30 minutes. The problem - for half an hour to solve the problem with the purchase of a ticket for an international flight. Free. Because of money, we recall, there was not one. Pretty good. It is our way. Girl Olga, realizing the situation falls into a stupor and breathing almost stops.
And our little boy flies to the window with the letter «I». Behind the glass the girl in front of her plate, "coffee break" and it's going to, therefore, breykovat. He looks at his watch kid - still 20 minutes, no time to wait - knocking on the window. Girl from behind the glass eyes of the astonished looks and a lemur, just in case, tapping a finger on the plate. Like, dude, you see, it is written in English. A legal break. Wait. He's back at her, they say, well, it is very necessary, no time. It is - again, the, break, that's it.
Well, perseverance emergency contact, few can compete. In general, the boy got attention. The first reaction of cute shvedochki after reviewing the situation was about, "Well, you guys are giving." Nevertheless, the question began to actively decide.
And ten minutes later, when the rest of the girls had envied Ole, how great it would be to stay in Sweden for some time, he gets the same welcome and announce the group where you want to follow. And follow to the desired output is obtained through the rather big Arlanda. And the seven runners with a wild unsupportable amount of luggage swept through the airport to the desired goal. The airport is long and straight, the path is built kind of a corridor of the employees and simply sympathizers, all shout and cheer like a ski race at the finish.
Flight still had to hold silent, puzzled many such event other passengers. In general, departed from Stockholm to Copenhagen. And I must pay tribute to the staff of Arlanda, they reported to their colleagues in Kastrup. So on arrival in Copenhagen have to explain anything to anyone not required. They already knew that flying such a strange group of people and one, or rather one of them - aviastopom.
After transskandinavskogo quest to Kiev flew calmly. However, Olenka with emotion tore runway in Borispol kiss, but it quickly dissuaded.


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