Bar code

The first barcode was invented in 1949, a graduate student at Drexel Uni Bernard Silver. He stybzil idea with Morse code. He said: "I just extended the dots and dashes downwards and made them narrow and wide lines." Applying this technology is only in the late 60s.

The very first barcodes were round, that is, familiar and bored us to thin and thick strips were closed, in a circle. Thus reducing errors during penetration and hold the product label to the scanner can be at any angle.

June 26, 1974 was first scanned the first product on the store checkout, he was packing gum «Wrigley JucyFruit». One copy is now in the Smithsonian Museum of American History.

Bar code does not have to look like a litany of black and white stripes. Many designers manage to create a masterpiece of them, without compromising the "readability" barcodes. This direction ohrestili as «Barcode art».

There are lots of different barcodes. Yet they appear to be just two groups: one-dimensional and two-dimensional.


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