How to free fly a plane

Once known US airline conceived bonus program. Bar code with the packaging of the pudding for 25 cents, mailed, owner gave 100 free miles. These air miles can be used for free flights and accommodation at the hotel. King khalyavnykh air travelers can call David Phillips, who managed to exchange 12150 cups of chocolate pudding in a million bonus air miles. Under the cut you know how he did it. How did he do it? Well, first we have to explain what is a David Phillips; He - the type of person who reads every centimeter of the fine print. Type of person who learns to count cards so, he never loses the casino. Phillips said that perhaps he would have been a card player, if not a terrible smoke. Yeah, this guy could win a million cards, but he was enjoying the fresh air more than the musky stench of success.

His most famous attempt took place in 1999, when he learned about the progress of frozen entrées one firm. The proposal was as follows: for every 10 barcode products buyer received 500 air miles. However, people who took advantage of the offer in the first month, received twice as many miles, which meant that people could get air miles in 1000, bought all 10 of their products.

David searched all the local stores for products that would ensure favorable reception of miles. After some legwork, he found what he was looking for: a discount grocery chain that sold chocolate pudding for 25 cents each. This meant that for a paltry $ 2.50, he could get 1000 air miles.

Understanding the economy, which he could potentially get, David, wanted to visit every store network through the day and buy all the puddings, which they were.

Now you probably think that the guy who comes to the store and buy a few all available pudding arouse suspicion; and if anyone realized what he was doing, he would have tried to do the same. David obviously had the same concerns and the buying pudding, he told people that it was reserved for the celebration of the year two thousand, which was not far off.

Overall, David spent a little more than $ 3,000 for puddings, and the total dollar value of Miles that he was going to get was more than $ 150,000. But first he had to send all bar codes.

According to David, his wife and children were suffering from corns on the stripping of hundreds of labels and colleagues became ill from so many chocolate paste, which he treated them. It seems that they will not be able to tear off all the barcodes on time.

Then David came another idea - why should suffer his wife and children when he can get others to do the legwork for him?

David went to the local Salvation Army to the proposal; if they gave him a group of volunteers to strip off all bar codes with his pudding, he would have sacrificed his pudding. But one more thing: it will be considered as a significant donation which will allow David to demand a little more than $ 800 back from the tax credits at the end of the year.

But the benefits of the scheme, David does not end there. After sending the barcode and receipt of 1,280,000 air miles (he got them not only on the pudding, because he also bought some soup for 90 cents per can, before realizing it is a bad method), it is now officially more than a million miles on his frequent flyer account. This account is automatically grants him lifetime access to something named "American Airlines Gold Club AAdvantage", which he and his family many wonderful benefits to the end of their lives.

But we have not yet got to the point. David never run out of air miles because he still earns them about 5 times faster than spending, despite the fact that travels quite often, thanks to the various parts of the program, he vigilantly watching them in the same way as with the scheme to pudding. Today he has more than 4 million miles on various accounts and flights to more than 20 countries.

For a little more than $ 3,000 (or more precisely a little more than $ 2,200 if you count the tax deduction) David never in my life will not pay for the flights back. Genius.



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