Swiss kitchenette Cuisine from Kitchoo

To meet the demand of the ever-growing population, the problem of housing in the large cities of Europe resolved an increase in the number of apartments in the houses at the expense of the living space. These small apartments wedge minimum number of rooms, and a partial solution to this problem is to combine living rooms with dining room and kitchen into one (our people is too familiar). But the company Kitchoo found very original and organic solution to the problem by creating a mini kitchen Cuisine.

Cuisine K1, with the size of 1300 x 1000/1580 x 650 mm contains almost full set of the latest kitchen appliances and other useful accessories.

The structure kitchenettes Cuisine K1 includes a built-in fridge-freezer, induction cooker 2 burners and telescopic (folding) mixing valve with a sink. Optional - according to the customer, the same limited space integrated dishwasher, set a bucket of garbage and food waste, and even comes with cutlery.


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