The tiny world in miniature bottles

Akinobu Izumi (Akinobu Izumi) - Japanese artist, photographer, creates amazing miniatures. Art thumbnail creation in empty bottles, is quite common, it involved thousands of people around the world. However, Akinobu, in his project "A tiny world in a bottle", went further: he creates miniatures in very small bottles. The height of the bottle, flask, in which the artist creates his miniatures, is only 22 millimeters high and 12 millimeters wide! It's amazing and unbelievable, but Akinobu manages to build a world. To create a thumbnail require dozens of hours of intense and hard work. Due diligence and diligence of the Japanese artist, these bottles can be seen with a tree alley, sailing ship, boat Viking, a bench and a pair of lovers, a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton and more.


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