The best New Year's ball with their hands

Making the ball-cage with his hands, it can serve as a great gift for the New Year.
Materials for creating a ball-terrarium:
moss, plants, twigs - all this must be small enough to stay with the ball
some soil
glass Christmas balls
Gift wrapping tape on
chain or string (or any bracelet)
optional mini figurines to decorate the interior space
So, everything is ready:
Let's go:
Buy a glass ball (they are on sale and a lot)

Take a glass ball and takes away the iron taped
Prepare moss to art installation

It can be found on the balcony, the tree (in the winter is possible or not?), A flower pot or in a flower shop.

small plants we put on top of the moss with a small amount of soil that the roots are not damaged.

Pour the bottom of a small branch (this drainage layer)

tweezers gently disembark moss, previously sprayed water on it, then our plant into a ball and then just spray water.

Here you can optionally add small toys to give more natural miniature mystery

bulyzhnichek add to taste :)

Dress taped back iron,

tying her ribbon or chain

and hang it on the Christmas tree!



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