"50 things that killed Online"

"50 things that killed the Internet" - the so-called article in the newspaper The Daily Telegraph, the British struck the audience - hundreds of comments and letters to the same article.
Indeed, our life with the advent of the Internet and digital technology has changed, probably for the better: easier to buy online retailers, it is convenient to have on hand all the necessary information, it is important to be able to quickly transfer data and instantly learn the news. However, not all changes are related for us in the acquisition, many associated with the losses, perhaps this is why British publishing has caused such a resonance. We do not notice these changes and losses, as long as we look back on 10 years ago


We have acquired greater or more lost - the answer for everybody. Therefore, the list of the 50 lost things we'll own, subjective, less playful, and partly personal: something we fully agree with the British colleagues and borrow from their list, offer something of their own. Let's start.

In the Internet age, we have lost:

1) The art of polite disagreement

Online a lot of materials on how to politely and tactfully discuss, however increase in areas for discussion leads to an aggravation of the general tone of the dialogue. The desire to expose and denounce an opponent more than any known rules.

2) Listening to CDs and albums entirely

The world of the Internet - a kingdom of the fragment: a video from YouTube, one song, one piece of film. Starting to listen songs of one artist, we immediately switch to another.

3) Punctuality

Before the advent of mobile phones had to be punctual. Today meeting can be delayed, deferred, or indeed to cancel at the last moment. Costs of the era.

4) Paper telephone directories

Why should they if all the contact information posted on the site - within a few clicks away?

5) Wristwatches

Get a mobile phone every time is not very convenient, but all the great features it combines in itself - get savings of electronic devices.

6) Paper letter

If you are not in a special club where members write each other letters, the last time you received a paper letter from each other? In the last century?

7) Memory

Why keep it something that if "all there through Yandex┬╗?

8) The results of a sports game on the next day

When was the last time you bought a newspaper to see who wins in the important championship? Certainly, as soon as the news on the internet it all, did not manage to finish the match.

9) Storing telephone numbers

We remembered tens, we knew several techniques for memorizing, and now - drove to the contact list phone and remember nothing else. Until you lose your phone or not demagnetize SIM card. But who among us thinks about it? And those who think the time is synchronized phone and computer.

10) Respect for doctors and other professionals

Read all articles on all the sites and communities, examining all the information on blogs of a clinic or hospital, we come to the doctor with the responsibility to tell him about my diagnosis and method of treatment. He will only agree Do we listen to his opinion?

11) Respect for historians and researchers

Any historian, we are ready to outdo, if at hand is Wikipedia.

12) Respect for the priests

The authority of the priest for an experienced Internet users - do not always have the authority armed with the Orthodox search engine You can quickly explain any father, how much he errs, errs wrong and preaches.

13) Knowledge of the geography

GPS and Internet maps fully freed us from the need to memorize the streets, roads, routes, while have electricity and they work - hard to get lost.

14) Privacy

Our mail is read. Let the robot decides which ads to deliver better on our website, but at what point the robot will cease to be a robot, we barely know.

15) Solitude

Try turning off the mobile phone and the Internet and stay two or three days with his family. Turn on your phone and your computer back, you'll see that you have almost from the police are searching for.

16) Concentration

How many minutes in a row you can work without the distraction of Vkontakte, classmates, post office, LJ feed or news?

17) Man pages in the paper diary

measures of length and weights, the difference in time and area codes - perhaps if we we glance on these pages, then only when absolutely nothing was read.

18) Lunch

Normal lunch. No snacking in a hurry for a working computer during rest and viewing non-business sites.

19) free nights

It's been a long time - dinner, go for a walk, lie down with a book. Now urgently needs to finish one another, and fatigue as if no hours to two nights, it feels when you sit down to work with documents or books, or monitor included-mail create the illusion of a second wind. Why illusion - we feel this morning.

20) A few hours of sleep

The ones that we have during the day spent on the internet fighting and reading anything and everything indiscriminately.

21) Ability to work with a paper book

However, when you read a book, I do not have enough hyperlinks, and most importantly - the search for the book?

22) Reading serious literature

Sit all day at the historic or orthodox forum, rushing into each other turn up a network of quotations - not the same thing as thoughtfully read a serious book on relevant topics. But the illusion is created simply.

23) Emotion

In the first months of work on the Internet every message for the sick or abandoned the child took the mind, thoughts, feelings. And then it produces immunity and only the most partial and sincere do not squandering article for help, thinking that everything will not help. Previously, it was enough just the facts, today, to encourage people to donate blood or to collect money, you need to make all the journalistic skills.

24) Help

Helps still few. And the infrequently. But my conscience is so easy to appease just the census message and adding the three exclamation marks. Information support - something, of course, important, but if everything would be limited to reprints, who will help?

25) Responsibility

As simple push their duties in favor of virtual challenges - in the preparation of lunch to leave read forum, rather than work with children to sit on YouTube, instead of help wife at home, pretending that terribly busy with work. On the other hand, the responsibility Network with us no more - has promised to help someone, you can and break a promise.

26) Patience

This letter was written long before, and thoughtful, sometimes for several days, then waited for an answer for weeks. Today, easy swing of his fingers, and all the words of which we will spare half an hour sped in kibeprostranstvo with the speed of the Internet channel.

27) Quiet

Doubtless advantage of a mobile phone that you can always call a friend, child, and check. Is everything OK. Previously, for example, a child is late from school, mom mad with, where to look, where to run. But the problem is solved only partly - as often happens, that you for the hundredth time dial a number to hear: "The subscriber is temporarily unavailable," "The recipient's machine is turned off." Which is better - not know nothing at all or hear such an automated response?

28) The oral transmission of experience

When we need a recipe for holiday meals or broken washing machine, we ask for advice for the older generation or recruit your query online?

That's all for now. Most of the items undoubtedly, pluses at times, a hundred times more than the minuses. But the lost also have to remember. 50 points did not work, but it is not by chance. The list is still open and there it is possible to add new items.



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