Briefly Tuesday

At the city news website: "On the road markings applied to the field».
The first to comment: "It would be better to have caused the asphalt road area! "

 - Here is lunch after breakfast, after lunch - lunch and after dinner?
 - Night dozhor, clear the stump! ...

Meet the man of your dreams is not difficult. Then it is difficult to hide from her husband ...

 - Do you have extra weight?
 - No, only RESERVE !!!

Psychologists have proved that the world is at least 5-people you simpotichnyh, 3m likes and one in love with you.
Where do these morons NINE!?

xxx: and then byle nyashnenko in the '' C grade '' washed-up at home, I thought so of course, and it was not clear I should probably candles, dinner, I do not know, but Nick could not, and then you realized
UUU: oh I'm so happy for you
zzz: just realized that '' Kohl was able to '' Heroes' ... apparently people.

chchch: ugagashenki
chchch: I wanted to write (and written) in the questionnaire on the mambo, Earl "love", "meat, children and silence" ... And Wait just noticed that the parser ate a comma. learned a lot about the kind of girl who responded and chatted with me.

Went to the photoshoot - piled seven horizons.

In Chelyabinsk, the ability to cut down Gopnik with two strikes called "na-na Technology»

The most effective herbal treatment - a nettle on the rump

British scientists conducted a series of experiments and concluded that the lack of a defense inevitably leads to democracy.


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