Thirty child

Psychologists often say - "Take care of your inner child!" And what about those who do not turn off your child, seven days a week, 24 hours a day? 31-year-old Stanley Thornton leads a double life - he is an adult outside the home, and at home - the child.
Many believe Wall perverted and fetishist, but he argues that it is simply a way to relieve stress.

Typical of his day goes well. Every evening he dons overalls and lies in the enormous cot. In the morning it is fed from a bottle or spoon. Then he changes into normal clothes. In the evening he again dresses in baby and spends the evening of tinkering with toys.

Obviously, such behavior - the result of teenage trauma. When Thornton was 13 peers hounded him before he started wetting the bed and had to wear diapers at night. For 20 years he began to wear a diaper constantly and realized that he wanted to return to childhood.

Curiously, women caring for him - not his mother and neighbor. She treats him like a favorite nephew and did not shy about his role.

Stan worked as a guard, but now sits at home, receiving disability benefits. After he created a website designed to bring together people with similar preferences, it turned out that he is not alone.


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