Beauty in the head

Beauty is in the mind: Starting with waist

It has long been observed that the sight of a female figure with rounded hips and breasts, but with a narrow waist - the shape resembles an hourglass - gives men a lot of fun. Immersed in the depths of the brain (male) scientists have discovered the cause of this experience.

By the way, the work of ethnographers have shown that, despite all the differences, the representatives of different cultures tend to perceive a woman with pronounced roundness, the more attractive a sexual object. And according to some, wide hips and large breasts correlate with overall health and good reproductive capacity, so these aesthetic standards may be evolutionarily conditioned.

This fascinating question interested scientists from Georgia, who chose 14 male volunteers under the age of 25 years and examined their response to pictures of naked women.

Each of the women was provided in at least two angles - before and after plastic surgery during which part of the fat tissue with their stomach was removed and transplanted to the buttocks. In short, the operation gives them a form closer to the infamous hourglass, without any change in weight women, but with the change in the ratio of waist to hip size in the direction closer to the "ideal" value to 0, 7.
Of course scientists are not limited to a demonstration of questionable images - in this process, the volunteers were subjected to diagnostic imaging which allow localized regions of the brain that are being the most active. It turned out - the same areas that are involved in the internal compensation of the brain that are activated also by substances such as alcohol and some drugs.

The different body mass index (ratio of weight to height) of the women had no effect on the degree of activation of these centers. But in the course of scrutiny of active use and the area of ​​the brain associated with the recognition of the shape and size of objects.

This confirms the widespread belief that modern love skinny mannequins - only a temporary fashion preference for frail or thick figures are not "hardwired" into the brain, in contrast to the preference for an hourglass figure.

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