Fudstilizm in the USSR

Looking Soviet "Book of Tasty and Healthy Food", we can see that fudstilizm during the Soviet era was well developed.
Skilled in the USSR, even tasteless, by today's standards, the food portrayed as delights.

The most popular edition of "Book of Tasty and Healthy Food" and taken from an illustration of this material, came out in 1954, the 500,000th edition.

Like many in the Soviet Union, the book probably has been released for a reason, but with overtones - prove Soviet citizens, retreating slowly from the death of Stalin, after Joseph Stalin will not be worse. Actually this is dedicated to the epigraph, taken from Stalin's statements: "The characteristic feature of our revolution is that it has given the people not only freedom but also material goods, but also the possibility of a prosperous and cultured life».

But politics is politics, and the book was wildly popular and really helped our grandmothers and mothers to cope with housework.


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