Briefly Monday

You do not know how to put the kids to bed? A glass of brandy! A glass of brandy - and let not sleep!

The only man for whom I will run, will shout: "Put the knife, please»

Popa without incident - it's not horrible, and so dull rolls

-He annoys me. Can I throw in a potato?
-No. Foods can not throw. That knife.

My mood lifted glazed cheese. Learn to look for a worthy replacement for the people.

You know how good it is when you are constantly in a good mood and nothing infuriates you? So I do not know

When I have children, together we see the film 2012. Then I say, "I survived»

All the secret sooner or later becomes a confession

Glad you I'm ready for anything!
-Podari Me flying pony
-But, Dear ...
-Clear. Another talker


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